Las Vegas here I comeneed a guide to the city

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  1. Hey friends, I'm currently on my way to Las Vegas!! First time away from the east coast!!! Pretty psyched, but I was looking for a guide to the city.... I will be there for months for a job and Just a friendly fellow smoker, who don't mind helping a guy out, any takers???

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    Check out Southern Utah and the Grand Canyon.  As well as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  Beautiful places that you'll be able to take road trips to.
    Grand Canyon:
    Yellowstone geyser: This thing shoots water in the air and is really cool to experience.
    Vegas is cool, but gets old pretty fast.  There are lot of cool things to experience around there though.
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    Don't buy food anywhere. Just buy a buffet pass from a casino and just eat buffet food the whole time or you'll spend all your liquor and gambling money on food in like 24hrs lol
  4. If you go to Vegas again, I would recommend going to In-n-out. It's the tits.
    Doesn't seem like he survived his first go...Vegas can do that. :cool:
  6. Who knows. Maybe he stayed.
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