Largest yielding photoperiod strains?

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  1. Looking to order some seeds and I wanna get some that yield a lot. I'm planning on doing 4 plants Scrog under 1k watts and I want to aim for a lb. any suggestions?
    Blackberry,cheddarhead, Lights of Jah ,jack herre, venice beach afgani,bubblicios. All are sativa but the venice beeach afgani and bubblicious.
    I have some hydro Alaskan thunderfuck and Cheddarhead clones now hydro  under two thousand watts and the chedderheads are trying to grow buds the size of a human head. No shit.
    Grow hydro and you will get a pound easy with fucking up. Way more on a good grow.
  3. I'm nervous to go hydro. I tried looking into it and feel totally lost. I looked into dwc and I'm lost again. I honestly wouldn't know where to begin

    Would this get me started? Then I would need some kind of medium right? And the whole nutrient thing would fuck me up big time I think.
    Hydro is nothing more than pumping air into a bucket of water plant food mix with the plant in a pot of rocks and the roots go down in the water. Hydroton is man made clay rocks is all, it is what holds the plants roots.
    The link there is an awesome deal. All you need is hydroton nutes,TTD meter and ph meter. You can get the meters cheap too.
    Here is a cheapo kit for starting little babys. It is that simple. I grew a 1/4 pound in one first try.
  5. By the way, mixing the nutes is fucking as easy as reading the bottle.
  6. I already have a digital ph meter. So I guess I would just need hydroton ttd meter and nutes. And the knowledge to put it all together haha how do you go about planting in hydro after you germinate? Rockwool?
  7. Is there a bunch of different bottles for nutes like soil? Or is there one bottle I can buy that has everything in it for me already and I just mix it with water?
    Cal mag, always..
    A good veg formula and a bloom formula.  You can get one part systems like I use.
    Sugar Peakâ„¢ 1 Part Liquid Nutrient System, shit is simple and makes the PH perfect with no extra bullshit.

  9. Soil is harder and more complex, less forgiving then hydro.
    I can fix a fuck up in 5 minutes, soil you are fucked.
  10. Got to love man's ingenuity! Soil guy here but the more natural you go the more things get screwed up. 1/4 lbs first time! Nothing to sneeze at.

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