Largest Yeilding Strain that is still worth smoking?

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  1. Hi all,

    I was just curious what the highest or some of the higher yielding strains of MJ were. I've got a few Purple Kush clones that I am vegging for a medicinal user friend of mine (yea legal growing!) and he informs me that PK is a fairly small yielding plant so he probably can't share too much. But he's open to me growing a different strain for him (and us) if I want too.

    So let me hear your opinions and thoughts.
  2. From what I hear, Big Bud is still one of the highest yielding strains.
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    Big Bud! Does exactly what it says on the tin! *waits for the flames*

  4. Big Bud is a horrible high

    far too much CBN for me - makes me all jittery

    white rhino on the other hand yields just as much grown in the correct conditions and is a fantastic smoke - it's a very forgiving plant to grow as well

    just my opinion though

  5. every review of white rhino seeds comments on how the taste is supposedly horrible.....
  6. i have always been intrigued by big bud. seems like a lot of people don't like it though. something tells me that i wouldn't mind it. i have smoked some pretty shitty weed before.
  7. hmm when i picked up some white rhino it didnt taste bad at all. a beautiful smoke actually :D
  8. It's probably quite likely that shitty growers pick a high yielding strain and then grow them really badly and give them a worse name than they already have lol.

    Ill try out both of those kinds.

    I'm over in BC Canada, anyone got a suggestion for a close by seedbank that is reputable? I have never ordered MJ seeds. Always just had them given to me by the OG hippies here lol.
  9. I am a White Rhino convert! Deff my fav strain to smoke so far :hello:
  10. :confused:

    prove it - show me one review where it says that - just one

    or are you just talking shit again as usual

    WR is a highly regrded strain and has won or placed 2nd in countless Cannabis Cups
  11. Reviews are like opinions, everyone has one and they are more often than not due to biased opinions. There is a thread here on Northern lights, saying it taste terrible and yada, yada, I have grown several NL's, from the strain from private breeders in Oregon, to the many of Seed Banks NL strains, and still grow #2X5 and #5 now & then to add a little indica to my smoke stash.

    Big Bud taste just fine if flushed, dried, and cured well, however, it lacks a little in potency when compared to White Rhino. I have found some of the Big Bud crosses are much better; such as: the Big Bud X NL #5, and the Skunk X Big Bud, they pick up the potency a little and add a little character.

    I have grown, smoked what others have grown, and smoked it in coffee houses over seas, I have never seen where white Rhino taste bad, unless you do not like that terpene, choker kind of taste which most potent strains produce. If you think white rhino taste bad, try some Train Wreck, it has some serious terpene taste and leaves a diesel fuel after taste.

    White Rhino is a very good yielding strain, maybe not quite as good as Big Bud, but the potency makes up for that. AK is a good yielding strain, NL has always yielded good for me, Skunk too. If you are on the West Coast, try some of OG Skunks, like the Skunk #9.

    The bottom line, find a few good yielding strains and grow them out, pick out the ones you and your friend like best. If you listen to everyone's opinions you may end up missing out on a very good strain b/c some-one says it does'nt taste good or does not produce good yields. I have found over 3 decades of growing that you are the master of your domain when it comes to growing and what is good and what is not. IMHO ther eis no bad strain(except ruderalis), only bad growers.

  12. good reply less.. if I didnt have to spread it around some more ..I'd rep ya.
  13. Smoke is hashy and harsh...good bong smoke
    White Rhino

    Sharp aftertase...coughing fit
    Marijuana Strain Library - White Rhino

    Harsh taste:
    White Rhino Seeds Marijuana Strains review

    are just some.

    Personally, Id smoke pretty much anything above dirt shwag, but to those concerned about taste, this was the only strain I saw with so many negative comments on taste. I wasn't "talking shit" Mr. Sensitive. Are you on your period?
  14. Thanks for all the info guys. Excellent opinions and I want to thank everyone for sharing the time with me. I wasn't under the impression Northern Lights was a high yeilder. That's great news! I'm gonna try out BigBud and WhiteRhino. Who would like to recommend their favourite seedbank to me? Got an affiliate link so I can give you some dollars too?
  15. I'm currently looking at the strain "The Church", general consensus is that it's nice dank, the yields are pretty good, it's cheap, and easy to grow for beginners. So it's what I'm using for my first grow. :)
  16. If you can afford it....

    try this and let us know

    BC Seeds

    I really want to be convinced...


  17. Yeah, me too, and I do not want to waste my money either, so hopefully some-one drops it and gives us a report.

    I personally feel most of the more POTENT strains do not taste well, however I have found most of the heavy yielders lack in potency. The best way to know what you want is to grow out some strains that interests you, do some research, read up on the strain itself as well as what genetics were used to create it, then make your own decisions. Most people will have various opinions either way, only you will know what you like once you find it. It is kind of like finding a wife.

  18. I guess I change strains way to often then...

  19. LOL, right, right...
  20. Yea, that Elephant bud is a costly mistake. And I don't really enjoy the way BC Seeds does their write ups. Seems a lot more like a hippy behind the keyboard than a botanist.

    For example:
    BC Seeds

    Quote from their write up:
    Like yea... that makes me want to buy it now eh?

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