Largest MJ bust in Nashvilles history!

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  1. DAMN!!!!!!!!

    Drug Bust Largest In Nashville's History
    In the history of Nashville, there has never been a drug bust as large as the one announced Friday afternoon.

    After two months of constant surveillance and undercover work on the part of Metro Police, four men are charged with having hundreds of pounds of marijuana and cocaine worth more than $20 million.

    "This was a very lucrative drug operation," said Captain Gary Goodwin.

    Goodwin is in charge of the department's vice-squad. "It literally took our entire division to conduct the surveillance and to be able to look at the locations and do the things that need to be done," said Goodwin.

    Roel Gomez, Santiago Franco, and Juan Granada of Texas, and Brett Burdick of California are the four men charged with handling all of these drugs.

    Investigators say the 550 pounds of marijuana and 165 pounds of cocaine, all worth roughly $20 million were headed for the streets of Nashville.

    As nice as it is to get these drugs off the street, Chief Deborah Faulkner knows it goes beyond that.

    "This represents the potential for violent crime in our city, and the potential for deaths," said Faulkner.

    Chief Faulkner feels the local drug operation is going to take a big hit after this capture, but even after showing the arrests, she said, “I'm sure there are those who will try and fill this void, and I'll tell you we'll be prepared to turn our attention in their direction if they try to do this."

    Police also seized 32 vehicles from a south Nashville auto dealership partly owned by Gomez.

    Authorities say the vehicles were used to distribute the drugs and transport money from Nashville to Texas.
  2. Here is a picture of the weed!

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  3. Here is the link to a video!

  4. My uncle got caught with 7 pounds in Nashville, years ago though, Im sure you can still find something on it though.
  5. That was actually the biggest cocain bust in nashville history, thats what that news clip said anyways.

  6. Hello!!!!!! If weed were legal, then this would NOT be an issue! Are these people really so blind to all of the pro's of legalization? People are not being killed during alcohol deals at the local liquor store. If marijuana were legal, then people won't be killed at the local MaryJane shop.

    We need to be the politicians. Peaceful pot-smoking politicians. LOL!!! Kick back and imagine that for a while. :)

  8. My thoughts exactly!!!
  9. damn dude. i just watched that video. that sucks for those guys. ;0

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