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  1. i was just wondering whats the largest curing jar/container avalible that will cure the weed properly with out altering taste or quality?
  2. anyone? i was thinking of somthing like a large rubermaid bin, but i want somthing that wont screw with my buds flavors.
  3. just go to a grocery store and buy a bunch of glass mason jars, they aren't that expensive for a 12 pack

    or maybe check some thrift stores for larger glass containers

    PS: glass
  4. good question, rather than havin loadsa jars, one large one would be nice!
  5. say i got 5 lbs i want to cure, its going to take alot of mason
  6. i cant find em ANYWHERE in the UK! dunno if theyre called summin else over ere, but im avin trouble! and its harvest in 2 weeks!:(:eek:
  7. maybe theyre called "canning jars" over there?
  8. no prob glad to help, if only somone could help me find large curing jars, the biggest one i found was half a gallon, i dont think thats big enouf, how much bud could i fit in there?
  9. I would use mason jars if you use a large one like you said if you get a little mold then your screwed.
  10. if its properly dried b4 you cure it theres no reason to get mold, doesnt matter how big the jar is
  11. I would suggest mutiple smaller jars instead of one giant jar for you 5 lbs. For smaller jars, you can use the one gallon glass icetea jars they sell for 2 dollars at walmart. If you want one large container, maybe purchase a large ceramic plant pot and just plug up the drain holes and just cover it airtight.
  12. I find old giant pickle jars, olive jars, pepper, etc. to work the best for curing(make sure they're sanitized and cleaned very well). You can usually find them at any restaurant or deli, i get mine for 75 cents:) and they work perfectly!
  13. Jars & Canisters

    I had five plants, so I ordered 5 of the 4 litre jars (1 gal.) from this place. I think they would hold about 5 or 6 oz. very comfortably, you may be able to stuff a half pound in one but it may be tight.

    The jars are pretty spendy but they have a rubber, air tight seal and a metal locking clasp. They took about 2 weeks to arrive across country.

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