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Largest Bong Hits....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Memnon, Apr 23, 2001.

  1. Recently a friend and I were discussing what the largest bong hits we thought we could handle were.

    Me being a vet of 15 years now I know I can at least clear a 4 footer in 1 fell swoop and 5 feet wasn't too hard on me last time I tried...but he said he wanted to see which one of us could handle 6 feet in 1 hit the most.

    I'll tell you, after about 30 tries I was stoned off my ass (as way my friend) and I hadn't been able to clear the 6 foot tube in 1 hit throughout all my attempts.

    = ) I'm content with 5 feet, but I guess some people like them bigger. *grins*
  2. Wha...?

    This makes no sense to me.What do you mean'bout these 5feet tokes? My only guess would be that you are clearing the smoke out of a 5 foot bong...
  3. I stated even in the topic "LARGEST BONG HITS" that I was talking about BONGS.

  4. you think 5 foot bong hits are big, you should try out The Great Canadian Bucket.Cut off the bottom of a calligan bottle (use it insted of a 2L)and fill up the bathtub

    [ April 26, 2001: Message edited by: Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam ]
  5. Cough cough, wheeeeeeze! :D
  6. 11 Foot with 6 water chambers going through Ice 3 times and with a 2 inch diameter rush hole. Cleared it first time never done it again fucked me up too much!
  7. i bought this bong some years ago and its fun to toke from it.


    PS it didnt include the woman. :(
  8. 11 feet sounds impressive, but considering the size of the human lung and the amount of smoke contained in a tube with a 3 inch diameter i think its impossible to clear over 6 feet
  9. I swear to you on any ones life that you could think of that it was 11 foot long. I don't think are tubes are 3" wide more like two but it did have 2 "bells" the size of your baseballs if your American and one big bell about twice that width. It also had a pop chamber for the last two foot that cleared it instantly. My mate has it on video but its not on a computer. If I can get a copy of it Ill post it onto the Internet.

    Are Normal bong size is about 4-5 foot with the one large bell and three water chambers :)
  10. I see waht you're saying malco. That sounds like a cool ass bong, i bet it got you ripped. I'm seeing the size from your reply. Keep on tokin'. peace.
  11. Darn...Looks like "largest" bong hit means how tall it was. I like a fat bowl myself. It's not length that's so important, but girth... ;)...just ask .
    Happy Trails..........jack

    [ June 29, 2001: Message edited by: Jack Griffin ]
  12. Well if you are talking amount of smoke... def a gravity bong. But if you want to know how many feet of bong, I cleared a 5 1/2 ft bong in 1 breath.... kicked my ass :D

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