Largest amount of bud you ever bought in one day and largest amount u ever smoked

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  1. Largest I ever bought was two ounces and the most I every smoked was 1 1/2 ounce with four friends
  2. The most I've bought is a .5, the most ive smoked is like a puff off a joint.
  3. Most I've bought in one day was two pounds and the most I've smoked in a day was an ounce of pot and a quarter ounce of hash.
  4. ive picked up ounces. once when i was younger a few days after my mom found my bong i bought a quarter ounce and i was planning on stopping smoking after that day so smoking a qtr in one day was like my last hoorah but im pretty sure i picked up an eighth the next day. pretty much wasted 90 $ on that quarter.
  5. wait i just beat my record. i smoked an ENTIRE! joint.
    cost me alot though, i payed 50 bucks, but he assured me it was purple haze.

  6. 50$ bucks for a joint? Are you a little kid thats naive or what? No way you should be paying $50 for a joint... You could probably have atleast 6 joints for $50... Thats horrible.. The name "purple haze" is probably a lie.. You got ripped. :eek:

  7. no way man, this guys my homes, he's known me for 2 weeks.

  8. Bro, you got fucking robbed. You could have gotten at least 3.5 grams for fifty dollars.

  9. it was good shit, it made me really hungry!

  10. Haha regardless of munchies induced, you still got robbed. I'd whoop your homeboy and get your money back or get some more weed.
  11. He might shoot me with his bibi gun then.... :O

  12. Oh shizzle! Gangsta might bust a cap eh?
  13. seems like it. id get kicked out my momz basement if i bought a gat so this fuckers playing me nigz
  14. ive smoked at least a half pound in a day between 2 other friends

    i haven't bought more than a pound at one time though
  15. I smoked a cigarette that had touched weed before

  16. you haven't really been funny in this thread since your first post, which was only moderately humorous. I'm glad that you're having a fun time though.
    Where did the half decent trolls gooooo
  17. can you atleast put some effort into being a mildly entertaining troll?
  18. the fact that you lot called him out on the trolling shit means he achieved his goal. you lot must think you're so damn intelligent calling mothaz out and shit, but really you just look like retards.

    i mean, fuck, if you didn't find it funny, did you really have to make a god damn post about it, taking up valuable viewing space on my computer?? let me tell you now, nobody gives a shit, except for me because i'm telling your asses off.

    stop being so retarded guys it's making me feel sick.

  19. lie.. ur mom ant got no basement in the 305... you just trolling around
  20. are you one of those fail trolls who can relate?

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