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  1. Okay, so i understand this isn't the most ideal plan, but due to circumstances, this is what has to happen in my garden.
    my room is 9ft x 15ft.
    I plan on doing a sea of green, 60 plants. 5 gallon pots are roughly 1ft across at the top.
    i'm going to be using (10) 600w Mars hydro LEDs. These mars LEDs have a coverage (according to the company themselves) of 2.5ft x 2 ft.
    Including a 2ft space around the growing space (now we are down to 7ft x 13ft actual growing space) I will have more than enough light to cover this space. Are these calculations correct?

    i plan on using a super soil rendition of the no-till recipe posted on the No-till revisited sticky thread in the very beginning.

    peat moss, EWC, and perlite in a 1:1:1 ratio.
    Kelp meal: 1 cup/ cuf
    rock dust: 6 cups/ cuf
    neem meal: 1 cup/ cuf
    Alfalfa 1 cup/ cuf <<< only thing different
    crab meal 1 cup/ cuf
    gypsum 1/2 cup/ cuf
    biochar 8 cups/cuf.

    I also plan on using a homemade version of the SIP method, ACTs and SSTs. possibly coconut water.

    any input would be greatly appreciated, i know there are some really smart and more adept growers on here than i will probably ever be. so thanks in advance, organicjake
  2. If my math is right you're looking at 20.14 watts per sq foot. Ideally you should have 32+. So I wouldn't say more than enough.. but it's enough..
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  3. 20 What? Sorry I'm exhausted so my brain isn't functioning properly atm lol

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    Ok for lighting you want about 32 watts of light every square foot of space.

    15x9= 135 square feet

    Your lights are 275 watts each (the true wattage of them)

    275x10= 2750 watts

    2750 watts ÷ 135 sq. feet= 20.4 watts per square foot of space

    Did that make things more or less confusing? Lol
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    Good explanation! He is only using 7x13 to grow in though. 91 sq ft so he will have roughly 30 watts per sq ft.

    Honestly, you won't really know if 10 mars blurple panels are enough for 60 sog plants until you try it.
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  6. You read entire posts before responding? Where's the fun in that?

    :roflmao: good catch :thumbsup:
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  7. Lmfao you're funny. I'm mostly a lurker on this site. But I don't mind chiming in and being helpful from time to time :passtheshit:
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  8. My rule of thumb is 40-50 real watts per sq'. 30 will do, but not optimum. That room is going to be hot I hope you have solid ventilation.
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone! As for ventilation, im more relying on a 24k btu mini split, and the fact I have 10ft ceilings

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  10. This rooms going to be a lot more when I'm done with it, I'm adhering to the ludacris condition of 50amps total for the first grow. That's why all this is so funky lol

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  11. Sounds like a great plan to me. Good luck and I'd love to see pictures as you progress.

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