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  1. I'm planning on getting a larger grow room this summer. Here is the basic idea:


    This is absolutely not to scale/proportion to what I will actually have; this image just outlines the basic flow of air and relative equipment location.

    I plan to have:

    • 700 cu ft grow tent
    • 12000BTU A/C blowing cold air into tent
    • 765CFM Inline fan pulling hot/stinky air from room and pushing through carbon filter
    • Carbon Dioxide air seeping in amongst the plants
    • Four 1kW lights hanging from roof of tent
    • A/C intake from room air
    • A/C exhaust into attic via ventilation vent (disconnected from HVAC system)

    Things I am not sure of (sorry if it is kind of rambling):

    • Will this sufficiently prevent odor from seeping outside of the grow room?
    • Will the cold air blowing into the tent keep the tent adequately cool, even though it is not connected directly to the lights? Or will it cool too well and make the plants freeze?
    • If the cold air from A/C comes out of the ducts in the vicinity of the hot air intake in the lights, will it make the cold air ineffective? Or does that make it more effective? Or does it not make a difference?
    • Should the cold air come in from the ceiling or through the walls of the tent near the floor?
    • Should the hot air from one light go directly through the second light, or should each light have a separate duct?
    • Will the ventilation system suck out all of the CO2 before it reaches the plants? My understanding is that CO2 is heavier than O2, so it will settle at the bottom of the tent.
    • Is it OK for the room air and and the air coming out of the filter to get sucked into the A/C intake and then get blown into attic? Or must the A/C intake come from separate source outside of room?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I have no idea if this setup would work correctly, but i'll tell you how i would do it. Vent all of your lights together in a seperate sealed duct with their own intake, exhaust, and fan pulling air at the exhaust port. The intake air probably doesn't need to be cooled, but it wouldn't hurt. Set your AC on a thermostat and pump cool air into the top of the tent as needed (the cool air will fall creating a natural convection). Put your carbon filter *inside* your room and pull air out through it, venting into your attic. Not real sure how you incorporate CO2 into that setup though - you definitely would want it to shut down before and while the exhaust fan runs or else it would all get sucked right back out. Maybe use timers or both temp and humidity controllers that can switch off and on the AC, CO2, and exhaust fan.

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