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  1. I am sick of sifting through thread after thread after thread in the indoor growing forum reading about peoples cfl and closet growswhen they should be posted in the micro grow forum. I suggest get rid of the micro grow forum and make one for large grows.
  2. a closet grow isn't a "micro grow"

    a little cabinet is a micro-grow.
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    How come there are always so many journals in the absolute beginners and indoor growing sections? :confused::smoke:
  4. The growing forums are fine the way they are. Besides, what applies to a small grow applies to a large grow. Don't like it, don't read them.

  5. Personally, the only time I get pissed off from people using CFLs/growing in closets and posting in the indoor forum is when the closet/CFLs are actually outside. Other than that, I don't see why it's a problem. :confused:
  6. yeah.... people post in the wrong forums a lot..

    or sometimes it starts off as a growing question, and turns into a grow journal.
  7. Search function could be helpful for narrowing it down.. Give that a try.
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    I don't really see why our newbie cannabis growers should have to take the back seat on this issue. The Large # of newbies here that are growing some OK weed in their closet w/ 1O+ cfl's is a good thing. A really good thing. You should be more appreciative. It's seriously hard to get right the first time

    Large grow~ops shouldn't be the norm


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