Large alledged cannibis plant (pic) any good?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Igor, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. We were given some seeds that we were told were cannibis seeds of some arbitrary variety.

    My Dad has been growing these seeds in his greenhouse as a kind of little experiment.

    Here is a picture of the plant. It is all green leaves, no buds or swellings or yellow spikes or white powder or whatever.

    The leaves are sticky, and we dried some in the window and my dad and bro said that they felt kind of high when they smoked it.

    I was wondering if the seasoned experts amongs you could identify the plant and explain the way it looks. Do the leaves actually contain any THC in this case? Should we bother to dry the plant and if so, what is a good method?

  2. Leaves almost never contain THC, especially in the phase they're in now. They do contain some, but it's not enough to get any normal smoker the least bit high.

    The leaves look odd also..dont think it's a cannabis plant..
  3. You have to wait until it produces buds. Then smoke the bud.
  4. thats looks like wanna to me
  5. Do you have anymore pics of the plant?
  6. Looks like a weed plant to me. almost positive.
  7. lol what the hell are you guys talking about? ...go look at the growing section or look up some growing guides and READ.

    1. That is definitely marijuana.

    2. That plant is huge, and if you keep taking care of it you are going to get a ton of bud.

    3. If it's outside in a greenhouse, you have to wait until the days start getting shorter. Cannabis is a short-day plant. It flowers (buds) in the fall when the amount of daylight hours decreases to about 12. Inside growers switch their light cycles to 12/12 to simulate fall to get their plants to flower. I can't believe your dad is growing a plant that big and doesn't even know that....

    It looks huge and a healthy, if it's in one of those small pots you may want to transplant it into a larger one... also may want to pick up a bloom fertilizer from the store... anything high in phosphorous. Fertlizers on the back are rated by N-P-K... how much Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (or Potash) they have. Plants in the vegetation stage need Nitrogen (but your plant looks very healthy for the most part already) and when they bud they need Phosphorous to produce better... just don't over do it.
  8. Those plants are massive, how long have they been growing?
  9. that looks like the ganja but remember flowering can take like nine weeks and leaves arent as high in THC as the buds but the leaves contain higher amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBDs and CBGs, which provide a more intoxicating effect instead of the high effect from THC.
  10. All I get from my Dad's greenhouse is tomatoes and beans........ Can I adopt your Dad?
  11. Yeah i wish i had a greenhouse and parents who didnt mind growing, you sound like you have a nice set up over there. Hell you should look into the possibilities of growing more and more, hell i know i would. And yeah that is def marijuana. Your plant looks nice and healthy.
  12. I just smoked a load of leaves and I´m as high as fuck!!!!

    Yeah, right.
  13. undoubtedly MJ
    Good luck
  14. without a doubt an mj plant.

    you can't smoke leaves, only buds.

    you have to wait until flowering occurs naturally since your growing in a green house.

    if you see white hairs, it's a girl

    if you see balls, it's a guy.

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