Lara Logan: Something is bothering me...

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  1. First thing is first. I am not:
    1. Calling her a liar.
    2. Trivializing anything that happened.
    3. A Conspiracy theorist.

    I think rape/sexual assault is one of the most disgusting crimes one can commit and therefore should have some of the toughest penalties (just under murder). However she said this in her interview.
    "...I remember looking up and seeing them taking pictures with their cell phones, the flashes of their cell phone cameras."

    Well I originally watched the video of the 60 minutes interview on a website that allowed commenting. I read some of the comments, most were beyond belief. But one made some weird sense. (paraphrased) 'If this happened, where are the cell pics?"

    It made me think. Everything is on the internet. The Egyptian revolt was LEAD by the internet, social networking sites, and cellphones that are ever more capable of using the internet. I mean (CTers please don't derail the thread) we got tweeted the osama assault as it happened... but months later not one of possibly hundreds of videos or pictures have surfaced? Of the hundreds of news cameras on that square (keep in mind that square was the 'it' place to report from at the end of the revolt.) none have footage of at least the beginnings of the assault? Are we facing a media blackout? Has google and yahoo (or whatever search engine) joined the censorship (and I'm not saying that censoring that material is a bad thing. it would be a good thing.)? But let us be real, it always gets on the net. I could still find the video of erin andrews if I wanted to. Swede beauty queen raped and murdered... took days for the photos to get leaked and now they are everywhere on the internet and nothing can stop them (interesting side rail, a politician leaked them and I haven't been able to figure out what happened to him because of it...i only speak english.)

    I haven't been searching for a video or picture yet. My searches are mainly, "Why are there no photos of the lara logan attack" "lara logan cell photo assault" "lara logan cell video assault". Things like that, but NO ONE (bar one person, who is in a comments on a page and has no credibility) has been able to find anything.

    What gives? Are we facing censorship (justifiable censorship imo)?
  2. 1. why are you googling that
    2. maybe the person didn't post it
    3. who would host it
  3. 1. Apparently you didn't read my post
    2. Why didn't you read my post.
    3. Why did you feel like posting if you weren't going to be able to contribute.

    But in seriousnes...
    1. I don't like to believe without proof. For months after it happened I accepted it as truth. Never even thought about questioning the validity of it. Then I read the comment on one page where I was reading about it. Also, I clearly stated I was not looking for the video-merely an explanation of why NO ONE was talking about there being no videos. I'm not an internet master, I fear the deep web as my internet-fu is basically non-existent. I was/am mainly trying to find message boards (like this) where people talk either about the lack of the video or say there is a video. I'd liken it to me really believing saddam had WMDs. Now I am older and believe in the, "trust, but verify" mentality.
    2. Like she said, people... multiples. People are stupid and always put their trash on the internet. BRB politician releasing crime photos of rape and murder. BRB posting video of raping a mom that was drugged. Now I haven't seen that video but a REPUTABLE source explained its existence and the resulting arrests from it. I'm not particularly interested in watching anything like that, nor would I in all likelihood.
    3. It isn't a matter of who would host it, but rather its gradual proliferation across the net. Many video sharing sites don't filter their content as it is uploaded, but rather rely on search terms to find offensive videos and user reporting.
  4. I've bin poking around the net after more information on this story. I have a lot of respect for Lara and vish her well. But there is more to this than meets the eye. Got a link from Egypt that ties up some bits and peaces together and makes more questions about the US State Dep. roll in all this. One report says she was taken to US embssy 400 yards away from Egyptian army was located that nite and was seen by a US Navy corman before being transported to the Fourseason hotel. there a Youtube video of what looks to be a doctors report the top is in Arabic the discription of injuriers are in english below.All the videos and the links have bin pulled, coverup mabe or just tring not to get linked as a possible witness or perp, you know they kill rapest in Egypt and sure the US State Dep. looking into this on the QT. The MSM in the US has played down what happend to Lara for the truth would make the world look diffrenetly at muslim mem and that is not fair to all the good ones. more to come sports fans.
  5. my guess is there is not much to see. She said she was swarmed over so thickly that nobody could even rape her, they all just had their fingers in her. Its not like she was gang banged. If there is footage it probably just looks like a football pile up.

    I feel bad for her, but honestly its one of those things about gender roles that piss me off. I'm not saying women can't do whatever a man can, I'm saying that sometimes they shouldn't. For instance reporting in a situation like that, or other dangerous areas like on the ivory coast or where ever. A man isn't going to be raped by an angry mob. Beaten, maybe killed, but not raped.

    All the extra security they need to hire, all the extra precautions they need to take. And for what? So they can have a female reporter do the story? Who gives a shit. And now she got raped. I just hope it shows other women in such situations that the "anything you can do I can do better" mentality has a consequence in the real world. Double standards are real, and sometimes you need to just accept them. Nobody said life is fair. If they just sent a man that never would have happened. Cute blonde white women have no business being in places like that, and its foolish to send them. A male middle eastern american reporter could have got the same story if not a better one, and wouldn't have been in danger of being raped.

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