Laptops and the airport security.

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  1. I'm going on a trip, this trip is national within Canada. So no it's not international. I've never taken my laptop through airport security, what's the deal? If they search through my laptop and see my (illegal) movies, can they/will they do anything?

    Just wondering.
  2. They just run it through the x-ray, they're not gonna open it up and search for files or anything
  3. It's not like they're going to do a thorough search of your entire hard drive. They're just checking it to make sure it's not a bomb.
  4. The safest thing to do is look the security guard directly in the face as you set your bag on the x-ray machine, then calmly say "I don't have any bombs". This will let them know you aren't a threat.
  5. Precisely, but leave your turban at home before you do this. Otherwise its a mandatory FULL body-cavity search.
  6. Yes, if by safest you mean quickest way to ensure you get detained.
  7. If you tell them you don't have any bombs they can't detain you.
  8. If you say bomb in an airport you're asking for trouble. But if you don't believe me feel free to try.
  9. [​IMG]

    dumb ass
  10. Travel through canada all the time, all they'll do is make you take your laptop out of the bag, put it in a tray by itself, run it through x-ray, if they say there doing a random check on it don't worry, they just swab it. Don't say bomb or weapon in a joking way even, got me detained and stripped almost missed my flight, only thing that pulled me out was I'm in the military.
  11. They won't look through your laptop or turn it on.
  12. Exactly how did I troll?
    learn what a troll is before you go talkin bout one pal..;)
  13. i dont get it either man:confused:
  14. They can on international flights, but not on a national flight like you will be on I believe


  15. Rofl wtf. So i can go up in there with a bomb strapped to my chest and say this is just a costume i dont have a bomb. And they wont detain me?
  16. yeah and if you tell a cop he cant search you he wont....HA
  17. Oh... two more missed the obvious sarcasm train. Don't worry guys, maybe next time.
  18. Because sarcasm is so obvious on the internet.
  19. Wait.. But sarcasm ISN'T obvious on the internet!!

    Oh wait... you got me. :rolleyes: Now imagine that.

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