Laptop error, can anyone help????

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  1. hey GC, i'm not too sure where this post would belong, so i just posted it here. :p I turn my laptop on, (dell laptop), and it shows the little dell symbol as it turns on, and then goes to a black screen only showing a little cursor blinking, and wont go anywhere from here. I just got this laptop today, and was on it for hours, it wanted to make an update, so it downloaded whatever it needed and rebooted my computer, which then this problem happend :mad: I tried turning on and off my laptop, and the same thing happens. Can anyone help, it would be apperciated, thanks :hello:
  2. Well, it sounds like your computer doesn't have an OS installed yet. Since you just got it, I'd bring it back to where you got it and tell them what's up.

    If you can't for whatever reason, find or buy an OS disc and install one yourself. It would probably be a good idea to format your hard drive in NTFS before you install it.

    Hope this helps!:D
  3. Gooseman I believe he did have an OS installed previously

    It just doesn't seem to load anymore after his update.

    Dankydank, if you just got your laptop today I would assume you don't have much data on it already. Reimage with the discs that it came with. What OS are you using and what update were you trying to install? That might give us a clue as to what happened.
  4. I think it was a dell update for transfering files just incase something went wrong in my computer, and i had some disk already installed on, i forget which one, it was a black dell disk. And i can't do anything wit disks since my computer wont turn on fully.. I was on the phone with dell all night and they were doing 40 things, different commands as i was starting the computer up, etc. Nothing worked so they said the will have a tech guy call me in the next 2-3 buisness days and come over to see what went wrong.

  5. Whoops, my bad!:eek:
  6. Hey, I fix PCs as a part-time job and I have ran into this before.

    In every situation I had to reinstall the OS with a CD, did you say your cd tray will not even open? Is there a tiny pinhole to make it eject on it anywhere or is it the kind that suck the CD in?
  7. Hardware failure? Not sure though.

  8. You can change what order the computer scans hardware for the OS in the BIOS. Turn on your computer, it should say something like Setup = *button*. Press that button before the screen changes and you will enter the BIOS. For Dells I think it says Boot Sequence, select it and place your CD device before the hard drive on the list. Save and exit the BIOS.

    By doing this, it will read your CD drive before the hard drive. Put the recovery discs in the cd drive while it's on and reboot. They should automatically take over (follow any instructions). I suggest to not install that update or whatever it was again. It came with Dell? Probably not necessary.
  9. I will try this! I have not yet tried putting in the disk, but i will! i'll post back as soon as i try it :hello:
  10. Is it still under warrenty?:confused:
  11. yeah it is, tharedhead
  12. Yeah, i can enter the cd in, but nothing loads D:
  13. OH, and the cd is for drivers and something else. ? if that helps.
  14. sounds like an inspiron 1525 to meeee lmao its something with the hard drive its happened to 2 different ones this year to me. if you fix it try to not use the power button and actually shut it down apparently thats the problem according to the broken english help line lol
    Both times its happened to me i just reinstalled vista on the first one and windows 7 on the second and it was all guuud

  15. My laptop is actually a dell inspiron 2150 :smoke:
  16. well uh... i wasnt helpful in the first place anyway lol :smoke:
  17. Oh :p i thought i was getting somewhere..

    Update: Im running the cd, and its going through a few tests? I don't know, ill post back when they are done. xD
  18. i mean you might if it worked for mine it will probably work for yours seeing as its the exact same thing starts goes to the windows symbol then blackness lol

    Black screen upon startup, wont run. [Solved] try that lol
  19. its the similar problem, but probably not the same one. That forum is with older computers that people have had for a while, and then it stoppd working. But thanks for trying to help ! :D
  20. man. im just a Pothead, what do you want from me? :confused: lol

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