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  1. So in addition to the Valentines Day gift I gave my girlfriend, I told her that she also got one night of sex where she gets whatever she wants no matter what. That night is tomorrow night and the first thing she wants is a lap dance from me. I've never done this before, and the only lap dance I've gotten was from her on my birthday this year, so I want some input as to what I should do for it. I can't dance that great, but I'll be at least a little drunk, so I'll probably let loose.

    My ideas for it so far:

    - I think I'm going to have her hands handcuffed behind her to the chair.
    - I went out and bought a thong :D and I think I'm going to wear breakaway pannts over them
    - I think whipped cream may enter the equation

    She hasn't picked out the song yet, but I'll make her tell me by tonight.

    Any tips/ideas?
  2. Let me first say that I laughed my ass off for about 5 minutes after reading your thread! Hmm, as far as a reversed lap dance goes, you could put her chair up to a pole of some sort and rock her like they do at they strip club on someone's birthday?
  4. x2
    doooooo ittttttt
  5. In all seriousness ...


    If you blindfold her, it will heighten her sensitivity / reaction. You could take the blindfold off later, but start with it and really tease her with light, gentle touches. Focus on the erogenous zones (ear lobes, neck, inner thighs, etc). Almost tickling, but not tickling.

    Don't think too much, just enjoy.

    Good luck.
  6. Good Thinking, Plus Play the PartyBoy Theme Song!
  7. I'd recommend more rubbing than least during the dance
  8. i think the blindfold is a good idea, and right before you take the blindfold off, give her a nice cockslap across the face to really make her feel special
  9. Just grind your dick on her leg and see if she likes that...

  10. Ahahaha. + rep
  11. Haha you have gotten some great advice already!

    Keep us posted how it went and have fun!

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