Lanky Seedling help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GorillaFarmer, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Got some lanky seedlings. About 4-5 inches at about 4 days out of seed. I want to transplant from the little grow pods there in to 3 inch organic pots. I was wondering if I could bury up some of the main stalk a little to take some of the lank out. I have grow edible plants and this is typically done to develop a stronger root system. Just want to make sure im not going to screw anything up by doing so.
  2. Absolutely!! That is a great solution to the lankiness problem, and will help establish more roots. You can prevent this from happening in the future by keeping your lights right down on the plants.
  3. Yeah I know it was a lighting problem. My real problem is that I had just 2 random 2 foot floros for them and some poped soon than others. So i had to raise the lights up to make headroom and the short wants got lanky. I transplanted like an hour ago and all doing well.I have the plants like right at the lights. I check my plants like 4 tims a day atleast so I will adjust as needed. Moving them all over to the MH sometime this week! Time for some real growth now.

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