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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deltamike21, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. My landlord Came today to show the house im renting to some people because we are moving..... so they call and say they will be over in like 10 min. So Me and the wife are running all over the house hideing pipes and bongs and weed, and getting our pets out of the house before they show up.... So my wife is incharge of getting the pets out of the house ( she is going to drive them around for a lil bit till they leave) Im in charge of rounding up the pieces and pot, I think I got it all up and put away......BUT, my wife had a pipe in her hand at the time ( we were tore up at the time ;-) So she went and put it away and left the lid on our "Toy" box open a fat 1/8th of good bud, and about 20 bad ass pieces, well The lady shows up and everything seems like it's going good.... then she goes and shows them the Walk-in-closet where the Box it located....Still, everything seems ok (I had no idea the box lid was open, didn't find out till she got home with the pets) My question is the lady acted normal, like she didn't see anything.... but what if she did? And she called the cops? What grounds whould they have for a search? Could they get a warrant? She is the landlord.... Im freaking a lil, Ive been smoking off and on for 10 years, ive NEVER been caught, my parents don't even know....With my job I would most definitely do some time in prison, maybe i should chill and go fire' one up??? Yea that sounds good....

  2. Thats rough dude.......if she didnt tweak A she didnt notice, B she didnt care, ask her
  3. She probably doesn't care, but you might want to stash your stuff at friend's house for a week or two.
  4. I dont think it really matters. Youre moving right? Calling the cops is either, not going to do anything because im not sure the cops are gonna give a shit about the landlady caling about her tenements pot, or give her more trouble than its worth since your getting out of there anyway.
  5. chill, smoke, close the lid :)

  6. Really? Damn that would suck to have to do prison time just for smoking some pot. Are you sure about that?
  7. OH ya, I would do atleast 30 days.... Hard labor.... Uncle sam doesn't aprove of firein' one up.... But i on;y got 1.5 weeks left. ( thats why we are moving) so Uncle sam can kiss my ass after that......
  8. maybe the landlord didnt tweak jus to make sure the person hes shwoing it to didnt see it, cause the person might or might not see it, but if the landlord was like wtf the person deffinitely would have seen it

    edit and the person whos renting it has no authority so if they saw it they wouldnt be in a position to say anything so im pretty sure they wouldnt have said nything unless they saw an ill reaction from the landlord
  9. Jsut leave your buds in your glove box of your car untill you move.
    The cops can legally search without a warrant witht the landlords consent so be careful.
    But if the cops bust in and find your pipes and bongs even if there dripping with resin you won't get in any trouble they'll just cofenscate(sp) them.
    So best bet leave your pot in your glove box they can't search your car witout your consent just make sure to lock your glove box and don't do anything that would get you pulled over for the next week and half.
  10. Well, it's been a few days..... no cops have been around... I think im in the clear

  11. real great plan, then the next time he gets pulled over his registration will reek of pot. that's not suspicious...
  12. yeah dude just chill for all she knows its cat nip and why would our landlord give you up your paying her bills, most people dont care my parents are land lords of 4 houses and they smoke up with the teneents they dont give them up, if I was u id just chill and smoke anotha :)
  13. Sounds like you are good to go. Maybe you should offer to blaze one with the landlord?... :)

    peace :smoke:
  14. wouldn't worry about it... She's prolly like damn maybe we could match some time. :D:D
  15. i say just give her a G and tell her to shut the fuck up, lol
  16. My landlady is coming over on Friday. Did you use much to mask the smell? I'm scared to spark up in case it stinks for days!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. I did NOT see that post was from '04 lol. I'd just use some incense ^^
  18. Oh wow! It popped up as a recent post for me! Back to the future or what?! Yeah, incense, cool, thanks :)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. Since it's been a decade I'm assuming that his house no longer smells like bud hahaSent from my SGH-T889 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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