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Landlord Horror Stories

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AlkaSeltzer, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Im sure lots of people on here have had troubles with their landlords.

    Mine showed up today with my power Bill. It was over $700 and dated from Sept1-Dec1. I didn't move into this place until The beginning of Nov, so only one month of usage was mine. He had a huge fit when i refused to pay the whole thing:rolleyes: He's been trying to overcharge me for things since the day I moved in though, Like a "full" tank of furnace propane that only read 70% on the gauge.

    Who else had some terrible landlords they'd like to complain about?
  2. Oh god just this week I had my worst nightmare come true with my first house I've rented... my girlfriend and I cleaned the house spotless and completely fixed any holes from pictures and repainted walls, rented a carpet cleaner, mopped floors, scrubbed baseboards and spent overall about 3 days prepping this house making it perfect expecting and proud that we would be getting our entire deposit back from our first place. When we do our final walk through a month ago she tells me she has 3 weeks to give me my 1800$ deposit. She doesn't call after 3 weeks so I call her and she says, "Sorry but there's not gonna be anything left of your deposit." Mind you our rent is 900$ a month and the house is 950 sq ft. Could remodel the fucking interior for 1800$. I'm talking to a lawyer who's a friend of my dad to figure it all out but it's such a hassle. Makes me sick...
  3. Sounds like your landlord is just using your deposit to do work she wants done on the house. Did she give you a detailed list of the things the money is being spent on? I learned this the hard way years ago. A good thing to start doing is taking pictures of EVRYTHING when you move in( make sure the date appears in the corner of the picture) This will help you argue any future disputes.
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    I wish we would have known to take pictures but we didn't even think about it at the time. She gave us probably 500$ worth of receipts that she payed someone to do things like cleaning the carpets and cleaning the walls which we had already done. The rest she paid herself 15$ an hour and tried to break down everything she did all the way down to washing the light switches (which took 2.5 hr).

    oh also on top of that, I looked up the people she paid to do the work on the house on google and what do ya know... the address for their business is my landlords next door neighbor....
  5. Ya i would definitely get someone involved in that. Landlords should not be able to charge you to do routine maintenance on THEIR property. And as for the $15 an hour to wash down light switches that is total bullshit. They probably could have painted the place cheaper then the coast to have the walls washed.

    Meanwhile im stuck winterizing this house myself, landlords have taken off on vacation, and there is are so so many drafts in here. The winter wind is literally just blowing into my bedroom in one place.
  6. yikes where you from?
  7. Southern Ontario, Canada
  8. oh shit man probably cold as hell up there, I had the same problem with a broken furnace but our coldest weather was only around 20 degrees so it wasn't to bad even on the coldest days

  9. Haha mine charged 12 an hour to clean the fridge and oven which apprently took 12 hours to clean. Bought 14 new window shades... Pretty sure there was only like 10 windows in the place.

    He was a super weird dude and would just let himself in after a few months he got better but i think he was just worried about 3 18 year olds renting from him. Boy was it fun while it lasted
  10. My last landlord had white gratings all across her balcony so she could sit on her balcony all day and watch the parking lot, she had a telescope set up and everything, wierd as fuck.

    She was super nice though and we paid our rent so who gives a fuck.
  11. fuck landlords. my first time moving out only lasted a month. me and my 2 best friends moved into a trailer but after a month one of them decided he was moving back with his mom to focus on college because we partied every night. so when we went to move out i cleaned that entire place spotless in order to try and get my $250 deposit back. one thing i couldn't fix was my dog somehow tore up a pair of blinds and i couldn't replace them so he took $50 for 1 set of 5 dollar blinds. I wasn't even allowed to have a dog lol he kept saying i just dont understand how the blinds got tore up i said i have no idea. i moved a big ass fridge in there and fucked up a cabinet and the floor below the fridge so i just left the fridge haha probably wouldn't have gotten my deposit back if he noticed. right now my moms wanting to move like 100 miles away to be with my brother and nieces so as soon as i'm employed im gonna take over the 3 bedroom house and pay it off. she owes like 7 grand and the payments only 275 a month.
  12. I have quite an interesting landlord story :) I shared it here once before, so I'll copy and cut it down to the basics... yes, this story has a LONGER version! :eek:


    During one (and my only, really serious) landlord altercation in particular, I had police in my home on over 14 different occasions, and that's only once I started counting.... they were in my living room, and using the bathroom one door down from my grow room (one of them actually tried the door knob on my grow room, while looking for the bathroom! Locking door knobs are a must, in any growers home. [​IMG] )

    I was in a situation with two property managers, a man and a woman, the man was the owner and the woman the property manager... I lived in a 'real home' for long-term rentals, next to several vacation rentals, owned and operated by the same people.

    My rental was long-term lease for a year, in the house (originally the owner's home), the other rentals were short-term cabins, who'd have new tenants sometimes for only a week, sometimes for a month.

    And the property managers would wait, in the woods, and key in as soon as they witnessed all new occupants leaving a property. [​IMG]

    I didn't leave my home much (I still don't, lol), but I do get out from time to time [​IMG]

    But just imagine how I felt, with a grow in a bedroom, once I saw that happen with each and every new tenant, in every adjacent building! And I'd been there for long enough, and I'd left the house often enough, that I knew they must have been in my house, too [​IMG]

    While I watched, one of them would go in, and the other would be out of sight, presumably way up the access point of the (private/dead-end) road, in the woods. After a while, I decided one would be snooping around, while the other was probably the look-out.

    The first thing I did, was I stopped leaving my house, period, even with a locking knob on my grow room, until I had a house-sitter every time I left!
    It was only two weeks, before the manager actually had the gall to use a phone book and call my elderly parents (they contacted two of my Uncles first, finding thier number), and b*tch about how I never left the house, and how there was always someone inside.

    My mother said, "How would you know this, unless you've been watching?"

    Eventually, my car was off the property with a friend, and the driveway was empty for once, and I was in the shower when the landlord keyed in.... and long story short, a few police visits and court dates later, I had restraining orders against both the owner, and property manager, along with the privacy I deserved and paid good money for (at least for the few weeks it took for me to make other living arrangements, a few states over). [​IMG]


    The police also found a camp in the woods along with an unregistered, un-inspected truck in my landlords name, about 30 ft off my driveway (just off my property line, on the private road that connected all the properties) where the property managers had binoculars, and tents, and had been watching and monitoring all the residents. [​IMG]

    Other points of interest, that I'd nearly forgot about until now;

    ** They tried, and succeeded, in shutting off my power even though it was in my name.

    ** They tried to shut off my phone, and failed, when the phone company called me first.

    ** I found an extension cord that wasn't there a week earlier, that led out through a hole broken through the foundation after being connected to an outlet -in my basement-, which led to two other extension cords, that led off into the woods. (It was after that was unplugged from the inside, that my power company got the word from the owners to cut the power.)

    ** They hooked a hose up to my house, so they could presumably bathe and wash their clothes while camping and spying, then left it running until my well was dry. I took photos of the hose, and followed where it led into the woods towards their encampment (the police officer was already aware what was down there, and he went to court for me along with the friends who witnessed the crazyness that night), and I took the photos to court (and I got to use those fancy evidence stickers!!! [​IMG] )

    ** But long before I knew what was going on, food went missing, nearly every time I left the house. One item in particular they liked; I'd bought three brand new packs of kraft cheese slices, and only got to open and eat the third pack, and for a short while (before the events that followed) I thought I was going absolutely mental.


    This incident in particular, still makes me chuckle to this day...

    I had friends over, who happened to be employed by the State Police. We'd been smoking very heavily [​IMG]

    It was the first time in almost two months, dealing with this, that I tried to 'let my hair down' and have company, with all this going on, when my landlord decided to pull up into my -yard- with that truck, flip us off, and drive off. (At this time, he'd already come in the middle of the night, and nailed my shed door shut so I couldn't access my belongings... apparently, my not letting them in any time they pleased while I wasn't home, really didn't sit well with them! Keep in mind they never once asked to do an inspection at this point.)

    My friend had his State-ey laptop with him, and he ran an ID or whatever they do on that truck... he was the one who found out it was unregistered, and un-inspected... but he wasn't technically allowed to be using his lappy for those purposes!

    So he said "we're calling the cops" (his poor wife was FRIED by this point, but they both worked for the State).

    It's pitch black, a cop shows up.. this is only the second or third time by now, and the first where I've been this blitzed, so I'm a little shaken.

    My buddy takes the lead.. he gets out his flashlight, we show him my shed nailed shut, and point in the direction where the truck went in a little dirt path, off into the woods.

    Now, this cop looked like he would give hell to both sides of any story, whether you were in the right or not.. but believe it or not, the one thing cops hate more than pain-in-the-ass tenants, is a pain-in-the-ass landlord!

    After we'd told him our story, showed him the tire tracks in my yard and the shed, he drove over to the path into the woods with his high beams AND his search-light going, found their camp, and started hollering "This is the police, ____ ____ and ____ ______, are you in there? *silence*..... Answer me!"

    More silence....


    The cops asks, "Have you been on a tenants property tonight."

    "No.." before they can finish saying no


    At this point, the wife of my friend speaks up, and whispers to me "I babysat for his kids a few times [​IMG] "


    The woman property manager; ".... I don't.."


    Woman; " Well **I** want to be able to do weekly inspections, and cleanings, and..."

    Cop; "That is NOT your responsibility, nor is it your right.. now ANSWER ME."

    Woman; "....Maybe."

    Cop; "What in God's name does 'maybe' mean, YES OR NO?"

    (I paid my rent 5 days early each month, for the 4 - 5 months I'd been there so far).

    Long story short, since this isn't as funny written out, as I remember it being (lol)... the property managers were warned for their vehicle, had to get new plates, but I'm not sure if tickets were handed out.

    In the end, she had to admit I'd never caused any problems, and the cop told me I had every right to change the locks on the door (I didn't get around to doing that, until it was too late), and file a complaint.

    Eventually, after the shower incident, we went to court, and restraining orders were had, and I moved out months before my lease was up... just as soon as my last grow was finished. [​IMG]
  13. You don't know a landlord horror story until you watch "The Resident". :smoke:
  14. I wouldn't call it a 'horror story' per se but I got a good taste of what it's like to be at the mercy of real estate agents and landlords... Our old owner decided she wanted out, and listed our house. Cue two of the biggest douchebags ever arriving to market our house, constantly texting me and reminding me to clean up for visitations/open homes which was just a constant headache for me and flatmates... Then finally the house selling someone who is giving us the heave-ho. Got a lucky break though, they're encountering some kind of difficulty which means they have to keep us here for longer than was originally planned (they were going to kick us out a few days before Christmas).

    Look forward to owning my own home, and having a grow-op.
  15. Holy shit! I rented a house in a place like what you described, some vacation houses with long term houses. Our landlords were cool as fuck though, and the cleaning lady they hired for us sold us weed and hash

    Where is the longer version??
  16. My landlord ruahes me through the inspection I was trying to docit thoroughly they kept rushing me... two weeks latee I nptice mold onn the walls.... thwy wiped it clean but didnt kill thw mold.

    Now they are trying to charge me.. the house is in cali
    No frwsh air or exhaust anywhre in the house... cant leave a window open all day...
    Fuxking meth head rampant.... I told her she was the acum of the earth.. thwn she went and told other tenanrs/friends. I said hispanic peoplw were scumcof the earth... so now peolle aew fiving me dirt looks.... shit missing car.. air pressure caps gone. Gas cap gone..... im fuckkng sick of it..
  17. Heres another good one... moved into a duplex everyrhong seemed fine. I got a dog german shepard to kee my house safe. He made a little noise if someone was right infronr or in my backyard.. well apparenrly my landlord had given mt next door neighbor a copy of the keys to my fuckong house... the old ladie let herself in hearonf my dog barking apparently smelled marijuana and called the cops I show up all these people run up on me like oh apparently youe growing mj in thisnhouse herws the search warranr.. fucking smack....

  18. My land lord had douvle lazy eyes and the entire basement had bwen filled with roxks I figured he was a murdere and buried all his bodies in the rock basement
  19. I'm currently living in my first rented home with my girlfriend, and our landlord is pretty much awesome. He doesn't care if we're late with rent (which only happens when we don't see him for awhile), he told us we can do whatever we want to the house as long as we're making improvements, and he's 100% chill with us growing my medical marijuana.

    He sucks about getting out here to fix shit that he should be taking care of, like a wall that still has insulation showing, and the 2 door garage which only has 1 working door. But other than that he's the best landlord i could've asked for.

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