Landlord came into my room when I was asleep

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  1. I was asleep in my room with this girl and my landlord walks into my room and sees my huge closet tent grow. It fucking reeks in my room the whole house smells. The smell is so sweet everyone likes the meds and its that BK kill. Well the landlord says, "Oh sorry I was told you were gone. I'll just leave the fire detectors out here." He definitely saw my tent and a huge cola and said nothing at all about it. One of my roommates said I was gone and some how the landlord came into my room.
    This happened a couple days ago, and I saw the landlord the other day and I was talking to him about a football game and were were having a good chat. He seemed stoned and didn't bring up any concerns with the weed.
    This guy came into my house to get the leases signed when my neighbors and roommates were all taking dabs so he walked into the house and it was hazy with dab clouds and he didn't say a thing and seemed blazed as well.
    Is this guy just really chill? I live in a weed legal state and its medicine for my roommate and I legal under state law and it says nothing in the lease about growing, or cannabis and he knows we smoke weed for sure there is no hiding that.

  2. No, he sounds like a horrible cannabis hater.
  3. I'd be unnerved that my landlord came into my room...
    He sounds chill about weed though.
  4. Sounds like a story POWSkier would tell
  5. Thats very wrong and uncomfrtable and possibly illegal, unless he was let in.

    But from his reaction i doubt theres anything to worry about.
    He was definitely let in haha, the thing is this guy is 67 and he is an awesome guy. The girl thought it was funny because my landlord looks like some short stubby form of santa clause.
    He opens the door and says, "Who's room is this?" haha and I was sleeping with the bong at my bed side and he is looking around and sees me and I said good morning and and he apologized he left the room and left me the fire alarms.
    Im wondering if I could ask him if he smokes? because it is legal out here.
  7. Dude he honestly sounds really really cool to me :smoke:

    Id see if you could trade bud for rent tbh LOL
  8. He smokes. You told us in your other troll threads that your landlord allows you to grow and you smoke him out.
    Get your head checked and get a hobby.
  9. Im pretty sure he cant just walk into your place without notice unkess he feels something ilkegal is going on or was invited in.

    You said he wss let in so he didnt break any laws.

    If he saw your weed and wss fine dont trip.

    You live in a legal state he probably doesnt give teo shits and just wsnts you to pay your rent.
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    Its cool he prob smokes a j while he jacks it to your unprotected sleeping form.

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    Lol that would be awesome. Its good bud clones from a dispensary and you can smoke the bud they get off the mothers and this stuff is some chron. Everything is frosted to the max and the buds are crazy dense. The nugs turned into rocks.
  12. Thats why i change all the locks anywhere i move to and i would have freaked out and pulled a gun on him especially if they just barged in with no fucking notice what so ever, thats bullshit, they are supposed to leave a notice at your door with a date and time frame
  13. He fooled me with that most recent account which was banned. I'll be damned if he fools me twice.
  14. open and close thread
  15. Landlords are supposed to give you 24 hours notice before entering the domain unless they were let in. Although once he's in the house, he can pretty much go anywhere he wants. Probably would've been polite to knock though..

    Happy toking!

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  16. Yep and the biggest concern is that as homeowners, you get raided the house gets seized and he loses it to govt auctions

    But some just dont give a shit,
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    This guy was growing 2,000+ plants in my town and the police department raided and cut the grow down to a legal amount. Leaving 45 plants and 4 pounds of bud. The guy was all mad about it saying it was his right to grow medicine and all this bullshit haha. The police filed no charges and only wanted to cut back the grow to legal restriction.
    If your looking to not get into any trouble don't grow 2,000 plants indoors.
    you gotta be smart about it so I keep it under the limit because fuck any police that tries to come into my house. All they want is my money, and they arrested my roommate who got beaten with a baseball bat in the face and charged him with an MIP and didn't charge any assault charges which they were supposed to do. My friend had to take him selft to the hospital after going to the police station when his face was broken in by a baseball bat. The police are supposed to help the community for fucks sake. My roommate was on the ground knocked out! and they decide to charge him with an MIP and do no breathalyzer. So I just judge every police like a fuck because I am taking no bullshit from some guy that thinks he can take advantage of my rights. Not all police are like that and there are nice officers out there.
  18. I just want to say, WOW!

    Thats how police should be, slap on the wrist, cut your plants to respectable level and left him with 4 pounds?

    Let these men educate every police dept on earth. I never thought id say i wish the police where i live were this way, and yet, i said it. :smoke:
    What state or city is this dept if ya dont mind me asking?
  19. Dude, why do you persist in trolling? You're outed again and again, yet you always return.
  20. It's because he's a boring person IRL, and feels the need to sensationalize otherwise boring everyday events in an attempt to be popular to his peers.  People like this are addicted to this routine.

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