landlord and the bug problem

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  1. So our landlord just came in for monthly inspection with the pest control guy, I made small talk with the landlord, then they left. 3sec later there was a knock on the door, apparently the pest control dude left his bag. They came in and got it then left.

    My wife came to me a min ago (maybe 5min after they left) and pointed out, that RIGHT on top of the tv, where the landlord was standing, and next to the bag they forgot were two cigars and some blunt wraps.

    Big deal...but then she pointed out there was also a Gatorade cap, which we used as a makeshift ashtray, with like 2 blunt roaches and damn near a quarter joint roach...

    Lol...oops, not the type of roaches they were expecting.

    He didn't say anything, hopefully he wont
  2. So he didn't take anything? The exterminator probably didn't care or know what it was.
  3. The exterminator was probably high himself and thinking "Man, I'm gonna kill some bugs."
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    Haha yess
  5. Quick history of our landlord:

    We have heard from three different people (maintenance) that he smokes. He wears his sunglasses all the time, including inside the apartments, he's been known to space out. I have a Cottonmouth Kings poster with a bunch of bugs on it, he commented on them saying 'back in the day' he would have been all over that.

    He also laughed but didn't comment on a poster I have with Obama smoking a joint. Its had to have smelled like weed in my house at least once. So yea...pretty sure he smokes.

    He has however yelled and threatened to evict a friend of mine when he catches him rolling up or smoking in the courtyard. Although he usually says "take it off the property" or something along those lines. I realize he has to hold his position of authority and can't openly condone drug use, esp in our neighborhood (we are in the hood). But even so I always try to be respectful and not let him know I smoke.

    I just don't know what if any impact this will have...we don't have this months rent we'll see how it pans out.
  6. alls good in the hood

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