Landlord and outdoor growing help?

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by snguyen10123, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. hey guys! So I live in California, Ventura County to be specific. I recently(4 weeks ago) started to grow 6 plants as that’s is the legal limit. Since I’m able to grow legally, will it fly by my landlord? Nowhere on the lease does it say I cannot grow Cannabis and it is legal in California to do so. Will I get into legal problems or rent problems? Btw i am renting a house and I don’t want my co-signer to get in trouble. Thank you!
  2. Your landlord most likely is concerned with legal problems on his property. Like if you get raided he could lose his investment. Which is understandable.
    But there are those people who are still dead set against it.
    Of course, it would be nice to have his blessing, and my vote goes to respect the property owners wishes.
    If you'd be allowed to have a garden in the yard, I think I'd go ahead and stick a plant or two out there. Just don't let the yard look like lazy hippies live there. If you get caught and find out he disapproves, one or two plants can go away pretty easily.
    It really would be best if you asked permission, and use that opportunity to explain that it will only be about 3'-4' tall, etc.

    I would not alter construction to grow indoors without verbal permission at the very least.

    My landlord said he doesn't care.
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  3. Just don't fuck around with the electrical. Mold could also be a problem.

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