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  1. (Five buds if you know which state I'm talking about!! Lol)Hey guys, I'm Toke-a-chu. Uhmmmm my pip is named The Science, he's my very first one :3 I also have a hookah named Bubbles<3 let's see, uh, my favorite things are tea, fuzzy blankets, kittens and puppies, sushi, pastas with creamy sauces, the crawfish nachos at my boyfriends work, raves and EDM, and mariwans. My least favorite things I'd get hate for, so I'm not gonna list those, lol. Im a college drop out, though I'd like to find a good online school and get certified for something in the Recreational Marijuana field whenever more states legalize it. I'm hoping to network on here, at least a little, and possibly find an internship/apprenticeship if anyone offers those. It's my preferred method of learning besides lecture.So yeah, let's be friends guys :))))) Whats up?
  2. Wy hello friend. Lol. So how are we doin

  3. I'm doing pretty great, how about yourself?

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