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  1. I was asked to tell another skinwalker story like the one I told last year about this time.  I wracked my brain about the scariest experience and I remembered a story my dad told me.  Before he married my mom he spent time with archaeologists and anthropologists helping to translate for them.  My dad was fluent in Navajo and well known in the area.  People trusted him.  He was an amazing man and the role model I try to emulate on a daily basis.  
    He was helping the anthropologists gather information about Anasazi ruins in a canyon not far from Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon.  The local families have lived around there for generations.  They had taboos about going near the ruins and left them pristine and untouched.  The anthropologists were trying to find the origin of the taboos.  
    They were staying at my grandparents house and tended to bring their work home.  Sometimes that work was skeletal remains.   They had a table set up on the porch to take advantage of the crosswinds that cooled the house (no air conditioning).  My grandmother insisted the remains stay on the porch with the rest of the artifacts.  She wasn't about to let a dead body occupy her home. 
    After a particularly fruitful dig one day the anthro/archaeologists had to make a trip to town to restock supplies and mail samples for testing to a facility in Albuquerque.  Earlier that week my grandparents traveled to Gallup to visit with relatives and would be gone for several days.  Back then it was a bumpy dirt road from Shiprock to Gallup and took 5 hours to get there (now it takes about an hour and a half).  Someone had to stay with the artifacts they found that day to protect them from thieves.  My dad volunteered.  He thought it would be nice to have the house to himself for awhile.   Little did he know what was going to transpire later that evening. 
    The group spent longer in town than they anticipated and were late getting on the road.  It was August and the monsoons were in full force.  My dad loved to sit on the porch and watch the rain and lightning.  He fixed his dinner and carried it to the porch to enjoy the evening.   It was dark and the rain was tapering off. He was being serenaded by crickets and frogs.  That's when he realized there was a sound coming from the table.   It was a scratching sound.  It was coming from the box with the skeletal remains.  He grabbed a fireplace poker and started towards the box thinking a mouse or squirrel had got in it somehow.   Now keep in mind this wasn't a cardboard box.  It was a wooden box with a hinge lid.  Heavy duty and basically indestructible.  As he approached it the lid started to lift and he could make out two glowing eyes staring back at him.   He said they were spaced about the same as human eyes and that stopped him in his tracks. 
    He was trying to understand what he was seeing.  The lid slammed shut and then opened again.  This was repeated several more times and then the lid flew up and hit the wall leaving a dent.  What my dad saw next made him terrified of the dark for the rest of his life.   He said a huge pitch black entity began to rise out of the box.  The form coalesced into a human shape with red glowing eyes.   My dad said he lost his mind.  He ran into the house and blocked all the windows and doors.  He could hear it moving around on the porch and around the house scratching on the windows and doors.  It was a long night for him.  When the scientists got back around 1am they were apalled by state of the porch.  The table had been overturned and the artifacts were scattered from Hell to breakfast.  It took hours to find all the artifacts.  They had to force their way into the house and couldn't find my dad.  He had taken refuge in a small closet located around center of the house.   He covered himself with coats and scarves to try and hide from whatever was stalking him.   At first when the scientists arrived he thought it had gained access to the house and he was terrified.  Then he heard familiar voices calling his name and realized everyone was back.
    He told them what happened and of course they didn't believe him.  The human remains were gone.  The box was completely destroyed.  It looked like a pile of match sticks.  They blamed him for it.  When my grandparents got back he told them and my grandfather told them to remove the artifacts and find someplace else to work.
    Several nights later my dad had finished herding the sheep into their corral and was walking back to the house when the dogs in the area started to howl.  He heard the sound of a horse galloping towards the corral.  He thought a horse had escaped from a neighbor and started towards the sound to capture it and return it to it's rightful owner.   There are two gates to that corral (we still have it) and he entered the gate closest to the house.   There is a sheep dip chute that blocked the view of the front gate.  He turned to close the gate and froze in his tracks when he heard a scratching noise on the front gate.  He ducked into the chute and peered through the gaps in the wooden corral to see what it was.  He saw those glowing red eyes staring at the sheep through the gate fence.  My dad didn't have any means to protect himself.  He left his gun in the house and had only a stick he used to steer the sheep into the corral.  
    He could make out the general shape and it was human-like.  Suddenly it did a standing jump and cleared the six foot fence with ease.  We have a light pole outside the pen to light up the area in case a coyote or mountain lion got in.   You can't shoot what you can't see.
    He got a good look at it. He said it was wearing a coyote skin with the head attached.  It was covered in black ash with feathers on each upper arm.  They were owl feathers.  The feather pattern was unmistakeable.  It was wearing mocassins with leggings and a traditional kilt.   There were traditional lightning patterns painted white on it's chest.  It had several turquoise necklaces and bracelets adorning neck and wrists.  He assumed it had stolen them from a gravesite or several gravesites.  He also saw a bone tube hanging from a string around it's neck which they use to blow poison into the face of people they are targeting.  If they don't have the antidote their tongues swell and turns black and they choke to death.  Traditionals carry a jish around their neck with the antidote in a side pouch.  You place it under the tongue and it counteracts the poison.  He said when it moved it was in quick jerks.  Like a bird moving around on the ground only it was incredibly fast.  He was so terrified he couldn't move.  He was frozen in place.  He hoped and prayed it wouldn't find him.  The sheep were huddled in the corner and bleating for their lives.  
    It ran over to the sheep and grabbed two of them by the leg and dragged them into the open area.  It grabbed them by the head and twisted their necks and broke them in a single motion.  It picked them up under each arm, walked over to the fence and cleared it in a single leap with both sheep in it's arms.  It ran back the way it had come.  My dad was so scared that he hid there until my grandfather came looking for him.
    He told my grandfather what had happened and my grandfather didn't even bat an eyelash.   He put my dad into the truck and drove him to a place outside of Shiprock.  There was a really famous Holy Man that lived there and my grandfather wanted him to help my dad.   He was pretty sure my dad was being targeted by a Skinwalker.   The Holy Man was a "Crystal Gazer".  He had the ability to see illness, unbalance and find things that are hidden.   When they got there the Holy Man took one look at my dad and said he needed a ghost way ceremony.  He didn't even need the crystal to know what was going on.  They quickly agreed on the price of the ceremony and my dad underwent a four day ceremony covered in herbs and cedar ash.  He wasn't allowed to bathe or do certain gestures during the healing process.   After the ceremony the holy man smudged the house using cedar and sage.  Then he placed a cedar stick used in the ceremony above each door to keep anything evil from entering.  
    It worked.  The skinwalker never came back.  My dad to the day he died had problems with going outside in the dark by himself.  He told me once,  "If you wait until late at night and go to the top of the mesa (it is next to our house) and say 'naaldlooshii' four times you're a bigger man than I am."  I never took him up on that offer.   Fuck that. 

  2. Loved it, though I do usually enjoy your stories and knowledge of such.

    I have heard several skinwalker tales some from Piutes and others from tribes who's names fleet me at the moment but they always chilled me. The descriptions often varied but would always be in very eerie details that seemed too true to make up. Sometimes they were humanoid and other times... they resembled something other worldly...

    I've had an experience when I was younger that some have told me to be a possible skinwalker encounter but I fail to believe it as I haven't had troubles with like experiences since.

    Either way thank you again for a great tale. Hope I get to read more.
  3. Its nice to hear there's more than one New Mexican city member :)
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    Represent New Mexico! There's a Lotta spooky/weird/awesome history and happenings in this beautiful state.
  5. If that's a true story, I would LOVE to hear from you. I'm a story editor for the second season of National Park Mysteries.
  6. Holy fucking shit. Skinwalker stories always get me man. Too bad the government tried to kill all the natives back then, surely interesting people.
  7. Great story, i'm very into paranormal but not really familiar with skinwalkers, so now i have something to read about.

    I just took aan antropology class and i learned all about puebla bonita and the ajazsazi and so on. so interesting. I wish I was still in it because the teacher had done extensive field work all throughout north america and I can guarantee he would have had a lot to say if I had asked him about this.
  8. From hell to breakfast......

    Band name?
    Album name?
    Bong name?!

    Jokes aside, cool ass story. I happen to know about skin walkers and some of the history and legend surrounding the paranormal creatures. Very cool story indeed!


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