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  1. Hello i am currently looking for a way to increase the value of my land and am seeking the addition of one of the types of license and i am curious as to what type license i can qualify for and what is the most valuable in the industry right now i was looking into type 11 distribution but am open to other ideas
  2. How in the WORLD would WE know???
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  3. i didn't say you would know if i was qualified i was asking for the qualifications to obtain the license
  4. You'd do a whole lot better looking on your local Gov't website.
    It'll have all the zoning laws and regulations in one place.

    A bunch of stoners on a weed website wouldn't know much about it.
    Especially when You haven't even told us where You live.
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  5. a bunch of stoners lol you would be surprised and i live in California and i just wanted insight into what type of license would be most lucrative in increasing the value of my property if you can't answer it then don't

    • Type 1 = Cultivation; Specialty outdoor;
    • Type 1A = Cultivation; Specialty indoor;
    • Type 1B = Cultivation; Specialty mixed-light;
    • Type 1C = Cultivation; Specialty cottage; (AB 2516, 2016)
    • Type 2 = Cultivation; Outdoor; Small.
    • Type 2A = Cultivation; Indoor; Small.
    • Type 2B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Small.
    • Type 3 = Cultivation; Outdoor; Medium.
    • Type 3A = Cultivation; Indoor; Medium.
    • Type 3B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Medium.
    • Type 4 = Cultivation; Nursery.
    • Type 5 = Cultivation; Unlimited; (Prop. 64, 2016. Not available until 2023)
    Other licenses:
    • Type 6 = Manufacturer 1.
    • Type 7 = Manufacturer 2.
    • Type 8 = Testing.
    • Type 9 = Non-Storefront Dispensary (delivery).
    • Type 10 = Storefront Dispensary.
    • Type 11 = Distribution.
    • Type 12 = Microbusiness.
    • Type 13 = Distribution Transport-Only.
    • Type 14 = Cannabis Event Organizer.
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    Wouldn't this be dependent on the size of land you have?
    if it has pre existing buildings you plan to grow in?
    or are you growing outside?
    or both indoor/outdoor?
    what about electricity?
    does it already have irrigation?
    are you making a storefront?
    or just distribution?
    how much growing experience do you have?
    have you grown at a commercial level before?
    what are the steps that you need to take to obtain one of these licenses?
    is there a waiting list?
    how much does the application cost?

    I mean I don't have an answer for you either way on any of these questions...I've never grown anything other than personal plants.

    But if you want someone to give you some kind of input, your gonna have to give more information than something you copy+pasted off the Internet with 0 context and a message that says "what makes me the most money"

    No idea how to help you. what your looking for, or what your question is.

    this ^
    makes little, to no sense

    good luck though man! hope you figure out whatever your looking for.
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    Normally I would report this kind of bull shit,

    But I've received a warning/was on a temp ban from a thread for something someone else said and tagged me in.

    No more reporting/helping out from me :)

    I'm sure someone else will report your garbage.
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  8. Keep reporting, mistakes do happen. Just contact the mod and they will usually reverse it.

    Heck I was banned twice for reporting minors, I am 62 and was banned for being a minor.

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  9. Type 1

    Today's Forcast... Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Amber.

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