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  1. I'm gonna try out growwing some reg's, and i found these 2, i dunno maybe 18inch westing house 18w standerd cool white bulbs. I wanna grow in a closet like place will these be suit able?
  2. yeah floros will work....
  3. ok, well, there kinda old and one doesn't work but i think i could hook one bulb up to the other and theyd both work, how small of an area should i have for 2 18w fluros
  4. well more than two plants would be pushin it.... even than ur pushin it id stick 2 one plant in a semi small area big enough for ur plant(s) and ur plant(s) only..... also after your plants get started i suggest u invest in a higher wattage flood light.... there cheap and plants seem to respond to them well.... ive seen a box of 6 500 wat flood lights for like 115 dollars ..... which works out to sumthin like less than 20 bucks a light..... just a thought tho... remember better lighting ='s better bud... along with many other things... read up on it youll be suprised.... good luck keep me posted , sam
  5. well this is definatley stealth and is a 1 plant operation, so ill make it small. Also once the seeds have germinated i go in 24/7 lighting right?
  6. I do the 24/0 with fluorescents for the first 1-2 weeks of the plants' lives. This seems to make them quite happy. After those couple weeks are up, you may want to consider switching to 18/6, so that your plants have a chance to rest.

  7. well thanks guys, now i just gotta these seeds to germinate

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