Lamp wattage and CFL's

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  1. I got a clip lamp with a flexy neck and shit but it says to use at most a 60 watt bulb. Would a 42 watt CFL burn my house down in this or would it be the same regardless of bulb type?
  2. 42 wat softwhite right??

    For veg dude... remember that you need to find the ones that say daylight on them!!

    + theres more lummens being pushed out the side of cfls... So when you have a cfl on a desk lamp the ure loosing a lot needed light...
  3. Yeah I know, I took the shade off the lamp. I am just wondering whether or not the lamp's max wattage rating applies to the actual wattage of a CFL.
  4. ...Max wattage of 60, and you have a 42 watt bulb. 42<60. You'll be fine. Watts are watts when it comes to incandescent vs. CFL bulbs.

    Plus, when you're dealing with a clip lamp, the max wattage is just a precaution against overheating. CFL's give off way less heat, so you don't have to worry about it quite as much.
  5. CFL's are cooler than reg bulbs.
  6. Not by much. Grab em, they're hot. Just don't grab and twist, the glass breaks much easier when they're hot as I've found out first hand.

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