Discussion in 'General' started by Fubar, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Noone may know the answer to this, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about lamictal, and if you can get high off of it.
  2. Lamictal is a drug used to control seizures in adults with epilepsy. It's also sometimes used to treat bipolar disorder. It's usually combined with other drugs during treatment. I'm going to guess that you can't get high off of it. Oh, and some people get rashes from it.
  3. yea, I have epilepsy, but one of my friends was wondering about it. And I thought about the rash thing (which can be fatal), but it only occurs if you use it for a while, anyway thankyou.
  4. why would u fuck with seizure medicine? That's just stupid in my opinion

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