Lambo Roadster Leaked pics

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  1. [​IMG]

    Fucking sick titties... Now I just gotta save 1.6M...
  2. looks like a computer generated image not a leaked pic...sick as fuck though.
  3. holy shit

    looks like a convertible bat mobile
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  5. its prolly really 95 civic with k&n cold air intake would fuck it up!
  6. It looks like a ricer...

    ...the air duct in front of the rear tire is too large. The front end looks hideous. The lines are extreme, not clean. Fail.
  7. It costs 400k more than the coupe. It's a stupid upgrade.
  8. basically that

  9. lmaoooo that is the only post he has and hes banned already ahahah
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    Anybody look at the guage cluster on this thing? HOW DO YOU READ IT!? I'm like...."I'm lost..." Sweet looking car but it reminds me of the trend during the 80's to add as many sharp angles to the car. Congratulations! Paint it black and it will deflect radar beams!

    I mean everybody loves a stealth bomber...but a car that looks like one is a little weird. It's too hard, too edgy, and has no curve to it. The only real curve to the car is the fenders...and even then the gross lack of curviture there is sickening. There's no passion in this car, just pure uncontrolled aggression. Do I think it's fast? Yeah. Does it look fast? Yeah. Does it look incredibly distorted and like something you'd pull straight out of an action flick based in 2080, but fails to capture any sexy feminimity that people get attached to as they drive their cars? YEAH!

    This car isn't hideous. No, far from it. It's a pretty hot little ride...but that's all it is...Hot. It sticks out because there are so many "Facets" to the car that I want to take it and mount it in a diamond ring. I mean really! Where is the passion, where are the curves, where is the WOW effect? If I were to paint this car a deep luscious candy red and send it out on the streets you'd make babies cry and old men roll over in their graves. I want to roll through sound, strike the accelerator and see pubescant boys cream themselves, women faint, and men to turn a deep emerald green with envy cause I've got the baddest girl in town. This thing is completely uninspiring. OOOO It's got an oversized, underpowered, high rev, screaming supercar engine. But if I were to compare it asthetically to just about ANYTHING on the road...I'd say that it's lacking something most car have...and that's passion.

    I look at this lambo and think to, it's cool...but there is no beauty to this car. It's unnatural and very "manmade." It's far too industrial and has no sex appeal to it. I don't look at this car and this "Sexy woman who's good in bed and will please me till the end" I look at this car and think "Arrogant bitch with a stick up her ass spending more money than needed to prove she's something she's not."

    And what is she not?

    The Genius
  11. holy shit
    i want your weed
  12. They gave it that look because it's based off of a stealth fighter plane.

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