Lamar to not let marijuana bill go up for consideration???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by jordan8956, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Tell this guy!!!!!!!!!'
  2. Hes corrupted beyond all belief. He needs to be taken down.

    He recently sponsored the 'Protecting children from internet pornography act of 2011', which had a last minute rewrite before it was voted on that allows your ISP to be logged up to 18 months.
  3. FUCK that guy he's going to hell and I hope with his new laws he gets to read this..
  4. hes the same guy pushing for that ISP snooping shit

    fucking wad of shit been stuck in his pants for some time I imagine
  5. He is not going to be re-elected, I live in his district and can only feel utter disdain, hopefully they don't put someone else in charge who is just as bad!

    Honestly I want to go out and buy some plywood, and paint "FUCK Rep. Lamar Smith" On it and go to intersections around the surrounding cities and picket. Fuck I hate this guy. He is the same guy making us literally DRY UP over here, biggest drought in history since like 1801 and we are sending all our water to the desert for them to guzzle into Oil Rigs.

    Fuck him. Fuck him up his clean slave wiped ass.
  6. anyone know when the elections are so this fucker can get voted out?
  7. Next year.
  8. 2306 which would allow states to decide for themselves is being blocked by Rep Lamar Smith (R) of Texas. This is a man who in the current cycle has taken money for his campaign from:

    $20,000 : National Beer Wholesalers Assn. $15,000 : Schering-Plough Corp (merged with MERCK) $11,000 : Altria Group (formerly Philip Morris) $10,500 : Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America $8,000 : Eli Lilly & Co (prozac + cancer drugs) $8,000 : Amgen Inc ( drugs for dealing/w chemo ) $7,000 : National Community Pharmacists Assn $5,000 : GlaxoSmithKline $5,000 : Constellation Brands (Beer&Wine (B&W)) $4,800 : Republic National Distributing (B&W).
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    You're joking?
  10. Well fuck me. I hate that I live in his district.

  11. Of course it just seems like the only reason their keeping it illegal is cause they get a bunch of money from tobacco, alcohol, and pharm companies I'm sure they know it's pretty safe but I'm sure a bunch of them are just ignorant about weed.
  12. This is a heavily GOP district that Smith lives in. Hopefully he has a primary challenger this upcoming year..
  13. GOP?

    Im not sure what youre saying, but he is in charge of a VERY liberal area.
  14. Figures...
    When in doubt just follow the money trail and you'll see why politicians support certain things.

  15. Texas's 21st congressional district - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Considering Smith has been in congress since the late 80's and is still in office it could be considered as a safe GOP seat. Even in 2008, one of the strongest democratic voting periods in recent history, the party had no one to run against Smith. It would be much easier to have a primary opponent pick him off than a Democrat.

  16. yeah and hes deeply rooted in and hes also extremely corrupt.

    He needs to be voted out now.
  17. Wow! I guess we all see why he wont let this bill get a trial. I already sent him a professionally worded email about a month ago urging him to allow 2306. This guy is a total douchebag!!

  18. Did you get a response back? I am curious as to what this corrupt official has to say for his actions.

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