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    I basically had this stupid idea get stuck in my head once when I was stoned with some friends. I'm basically gonna write a "horror" movie that's so ridiculous it's funny. Just wrote the intro stuff, does it sound like anything good? Haha i'm really blazed and just rambling.. anyway, after you guys read whatever i've gotten so far i'll tell you how the movie ends (which is basically the first idea that I got). The movie revolves around a newly married couple, Stefan and Susanne, and their baby. Oh yeah, if you find it retarded excuse me coz I'm just stoned and writing nonsense hahahah. I kinda thought of it as making a horror movie out of the 70's, kinda like a parody I guess

    Produced by Mary Jane


    [lightning lights up the sky as your ears are filled with the crack of thunder. the camera slowly zooms into the window of a living room. notice that the window has a crack in the top right corner, as though a rock was smashed through. a pale yellow bulb illuminates the dimly lit room]

    SUSANNE walks into the living room with a baby on her arm, while running a brush through her hair casually with other, walking toward the window.
    SUSANNE stares intently out of the window. The camera is angled such that you can see both her and the stormy night outside through the broken window.

    SUSANNE: *whispers* pretty loud out there. hope stefan gets home soon eh

    SUSANNE starts walking back out of the living room into a doorway that leads to the dining room. This time the camera is now facing her back, with the baby facing us since it's on her shoulder. The camera slowly zooms into the babies face, and you then see the baby give you a very sinister half-smile, full of both glee and creepiness. a millisecond later, there is a LOUD clap of thunder and the bulb in the hallway suddenly goes out.


    [a camera moves through the room in first person view, introducing you to the fickle appearances of all the guests. people are seen dancing with their boss on a makeshift dance floor, in an attempt to secure a future at the company. next, the camera moves ahead towards the bar. STEFAN is first seen here as he downs a shot of vodka, a half-empty bottle of Belvedere within arms reach. the bar exit is close by, visible in the left corner of the camera frame. rumbling thunder is clearly heard in the distance. an unidentified woman in her early 30's approaches the exit, while simultaneously being checked out by STEFAN]

    STEFAN: *in a charming voice* you're not thinking of venturing out in that weather, are you?
    WOMAN: *coldly* i'll be fine.

    [the woman starts walking towards the door, when suddenly a co-worker approaches stefan, calling him by his last name, ELEANOR. the womans body language suddenly deviates from the norm upon hearing his last name. she turns back to stefan quickly, a gleam in her eye]

    WOMAN: *with a flirtatious glance* did you say your last name was ELEANOR, of the STEPHEN ELEANOR fame?
    STEFAN: *with an arrogant air about him* why yes i did.
    WOMAN: *smiles* perhaps it IS too stormy outside. would you care to join me for a drink? im PLAISIR, by the way.
    STEFAN: certainly. *turns to the bartender and rudely says* four shots of tequila.
    PLAISIR: you're a quick one, aren't you? i like that.

    [STEFAN and PLAISIR hurriedly down the four shots, while staring inappropriately at each other. STEFAN's phone begins to vibrate on the bar table. he picks it up, looks at it and hits the red button]

    STEFAN: i think it's time for the dance floor. wouldn't you agree?
    WOMAN: it's like you read my mind ;)

    basically i am going to build Stefan up to be a bad guy who's always working, having affairs, etc, and need to come up with some twist for the rest of the story. Okay now for the ending scene of the movie hahaha. so the movie ends with the baby and dad in the same living room. The baby eats the dad, pukes him out in green vomit, and then the dads eyeball starts rolling in the follows the eyeball till it stops rolling..then it starts zooming in slowly into the eyeball....and then you suddenly see the dads eyeball twitch towards the camera.

    the end

    It shows that the dad is still alive, angry and wants revenge and sets the movie up for a sequel: The Father Strikes Back. hahaha

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