lakeview terrace

Discussion in 'Movies' started by scoobydoobie420, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. oh my jesus. last night i watched lakeview terrace completely doed. i couldn't follow what the heck was going on half the time and then BOOM! this guy's brain get's blown out into a pool. then what happens at the end! (i don't wanna spoil it. but yeah. it was good
    all horror movies are better stoned actually
  2. It wasn't a horror movie, really, more of a thriller. But yeah, i watched it online not too long ago and thought it was great. Sammy is a son of a bitch cop
  3. I DL'd it... thought it was decent... maybe 5/10 tops. Samuel was just pissing me the fuck off with all his racist crooked cop bullshit. I wanted to kick him in the nuts the entire movie
  4. true about it being a thriller. but everyone hates a pig, so if shit like that happened to you, it'd be freakin scary

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