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  1. Uhhhhhhh :confused::eek::mad: What the fuck?
  2. They can't stop JJ Barae and Dirk :rolleyes::smoke:
  3. Good ole days eh

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  4. DA BULLS!! chitown all day. just got bnack from the game. $9 captain n cokes...fucccck me!
  5. Man, I'm a huge Celtics fan, so I'd also like to ask Boston "WHAT THE FUCK" as well
  6. In all honestly, i'd expect the celtics to be down 2-0 all day against the heat in comparison to lakers/mavs. It's also not as big of a deal as they lost both of their games on the road to the better seed.

    The lakers have no reason as to why they're down 0-2; heading into dallas for the next two games.
  7. Sports section...GO MAVS. My team. This is finally their year I think...gonna be hard for the Lakers to mount a comeback when the next 3 out of 4 are in Dallas
  8. nobody else thinks the bulls are gonna take it all this year? coach of the year plsu MVP. plus they are actually fuckin legit. Rose, noah , boozer, gibson, korver, and best of all SCALABRINI!! :smoke:
  9. DRose is an amazing athlete but he carries that team completely, he's gotta have an amazing night every night if there going to pull it off in a 7-game series. The fact there having trouble against the Pacers and Atlanta should be a warning, even if they are winning those games.

    I'm not surprised Lakers are down 0-2 actually. Let's be serious; the Lakers,Celtics, Spurs, there all getting old. New, younger, more athletic teams are boosting ahead. Sure Dallas isn't that young, but there running much better then the Lakers and being more aggressive. And Dirk is crazy good, some of those shots he makes... Lakers will get back in it, but there probably going to lose the series. So are the Celtics.
  10. I hate the Lakers so very much, but that's because they beat my Pacers in the finals quite a few years back, hey Pacers, what the fuck? Draft a fuckin star already!
  11. Don't read too much into them having trouble with the Pacers and Hawks. Hawks are much better squad than last year, just look how they manhandled the Magic. And back in 2007 the Celtics were pushed to 7 games by the then lowly Bulls so I wouldn't read too much into early round struggles

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