Lakers or magic????

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  1. So I'm just trying to get a good thread going.
    Basically, who you want to win... and how are you going to watch the game? goin to a bar? gonna smoke some wit you dogs while you watch the game?

    I'll start it... i'm gonna be takin fat rips out of my bong before the game and....

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KOBE= MVP OF FINALS!!!
  2. Realistically, Lakers
  3. not a lakers fan but i love kobe, gotta go with LA
  4. Lakers in 6
  5. why do so many people "love" Kobe/The Lakers? Fisher and Bynum are the only classy players on that team. Everyone else talks shit, whines about calls, and flops constantly.

    The lakers are like the Steelers of the NBA, not a single fucking fan actually lives in LA, but they are a consistent playoff team so everyone just adopts their team. Same with the Yanks/Red Sox. Unless you are in Cali, why do you root for the Lakers? I can understand just picking a team for the finals if your team ain't in it, but all of a sudden I see Laker jerseys everywhere and I'm in freakin FL, its ridiculous.

    Anywho, I'm goin for the Magic. They are the underdog and probably won't take it, but I'm still a firm believer that Kobe only got his rings because of Shaq.

    A lot of it will depend on how well Bynum/Gasol guard Howard, and if Jameer Nelson can come in and be effective after being out for so long.

    It should be a good series either way though...
  6. Jameer Nelson is activated but will not play in the finals.
  7. ^ Yea he is playing tonight lol....According to Rachel Nichols anyway.

    I'll take Lakers in 7, Magic are going to do good but Kobe is going to outwill the Magic because I don't think anyone of them have a killer instinct like Kobe. Plus who is guarding Kobe? Their best chance is Pietrus but Kobe can guard him on the opposite end and they won't get many 3s from him IMO.
  8. I'm a fan of Kobe because he has just some amazing shots. I am not a big fan of the rest of the team, but I also have a VERY big problem with Dwight Howard.

    The guy honest to god isn't quite sure if he's playing in the NBA or the UFC with the illegal elbows he throws. There's one thing about playing rough, because it's men and it's a proffessional sport, but when you start hitting and roughing up other players to hinder their ability to play, that's when it's too far.

    He's quite good at being aware of the refs as well, and putting on a nice show for them, or doing his cheap shit when they aren't aware.
  9. im going to chill at home smoke out my bong lets go lakers
  10. Magic in 6

    but really i think the lakers are gonna take it
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    Sorry Kobe. Maybe next year.

    It's been in the making for 14 years. This is Orlando's year.

    Had to point this out and lol. D12 is a very aggressive player, but certainly not the first. It's how Centers in the NBA play. Watch Shaq, Bynum, Garnett. All are physical.
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    changing it.. lakers in 5 :D

  13. I can see your riding Orlandos fatty hard, but even a fan can see some of what Dwight does is complete BS. I'm sure somewhere in this series he'll let his ignorance and testosterone get the best of him, and a ref will catch it eventually.
  14. wait a second.. derek fisher is classy after he lowered his shoulder and attacked scola like that for no reason? thats weird... guy isn't classy at all, and that was a really dumb comment. If anyone is classy its there coach. one of the greatest EVER behind red of course.

    Kobe wants to be MJ.. I see him trying to pull out all the stops to win this
    but the magic really are a deeper team then people think. definatly gonna be a sick series
  15. flagrant fouls are the best.

    especially flagrant 2's:)
  16. I say the Lakers take it in 6. The Magic have a great team i won't lie, they have an awesome starting lineup with dwight, turkoglu, lewis, alston, and lee. But the Lakers just have a way more dominant team with a very strong bench with a very powerful starting lineup.
    I will say tho that IF nelson plays then maybe the magic will have a better chance for the championship. Maybe he'll make a big impact for his team, maybe he won't, but the fact that he might play could be a psychological plus for the magic to get them more fired up.
  17. magic in 6
  18. im from FLA and i always go for the underdog so you already know its the magic for me

    and the lakers just got too many fuckin fans their like yankees of basketball, fuck 'em
  19. you're signature is really tight dude, and for that... +rep :rolleyes:
  20. hahaha

    can't wait for the flagrant fouls:)

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