Lakers Are Goin' Down Again!

Discussion in 'General' started by skedastik, May 8, 2003.

  1. the lakers are gonna drop two in row by losing tonight... fuck yeah... god damn lakers... go san antonio! kick their asses.. down with LA
  2. yes i love my spurs!! we are unbeatable!!
  3. Im laughing my ass off right now reading this. you are all underestimating the lakers, they will win the series wven if they lose tonight. the only way they will lose is if players keep dropping at the same rate they are now.
  4. fuck the lakers... bitch ass motha fuckas... hehe... they're goin down! hard! mvp duncan will be kickin' some arse... whining kobe and pussy shaq are gonna get raped this series... it's all over for the lakers... they're run is over
  5. This has got to be the funniest thread ive ever seen on here
  6. i will definitely be laughing when the lakers get their asses handed to them... they were lucky to even beat Minn...

    funniest thread?

    absolutely hillarious!
  7. FUCK all you Laker Haters....wait wait wait, whos the team that won 3 championships in a row....was it the spurs? NO i think not....LAKERSSSSSSSSS!
  8. ouch... got an ass beating last night... your lakers are lookin' good fellas' ... hehe... sorry... they are getting their asses beat down!... fuckin LA bitches

    down 0-2... they gonna make a comeback? ... i think not

    looks like only a couple more games for kobe to whine like a little bitch
  9. Lakers are goin' down 0 - 3 tonight on their home court... woohoo.. go spurs!
  10. i'd be smiling if spurs or celtics won...

    ...or my all time faves, the jazz :D
  11. spurs lost tonight. im from san antonio and live here and we all wanted them to win. but next game, they will win, im telling you they will.

  12. LOL
  13. hes right.. im from SA too and we will win
  14. i will voice my protest against this unruly thread. lakers will kick ass (even though im not actually that conifdent)

    what do ya mean again tho ?? i believe 3 years in a row is quite nice
  15. Spurs > Lakers

    plain and simple
  16. we shall call it a "lucky" game last night on their home court... no big deal though... the Spurs have a superior team and they will come out on top...
  17. uhhhhh yeah, all tied up skedastik!! man, i keep telling you L.A. didn't win 3 championships in a row by getting "lucky" thats all skill buddy and also not by having ugly lookin mutha fuckas on there team like tim duncan....L.A. 4-peat!

  18. LOL

    All even till tuesday

    The Lakers will win in seven maybe even six, but i'll give the spurs one more game so in seven is my prediction
  19. hell no, lakers will kick ass

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