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lakeland,fl pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by starduzt696, May 28, 2009.

  1. just picked up this today for $20 the high is nice kind of a mix of a body and head high

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  2. looks like some high mids from the picture. how much did you get? because id pay 20 bucks for all that
  3. 9g from what my hanging scale says
  4. damn, thats awesome man. i havent smoked mids in years and thats an awesome deal. gotta try to find these in my area
  5. mids is about all i can find around here cant complain because it does the job but i would love something different once and a while :smoking:
  6. man, try coming down to west palm and no offense it blows mids like this out of the water.

    but those are reallyyy good mids. And i would honestly take that for 20 every time. you could try making brownies or cannabutter though, the effect is nearly the same as making them with dank
  7. yehhh thats an awsome deal dude

    you got the hook up :smoking:
  8. i may do that, i was planning on going on a aimless drive around FL here soon
  9. yea man, id say west palm or ftl is your best bud. i mean bet haha

    or if its not to far MIA never dissapoints
  10. sick deal. aight buds. 9/ 20 of high mids is straaatee
  11. i was like 8 when i lived in lakeland and its mad cool to see what weed i would be smoking if i had stayed there. nice deal on some high grade mids.
  12. Sick deal man :D

    Fl fire's legit.
  13. lmao. this is some reginald, you got a decent twenty sack. more like a mix of bad taste and headaches. They callin that stuff cripp to prolly.

  14. ur so off. thats alot of good mids for 20 dollars, and high mids do not usually cause headaches. Crip is slang for better than usual dank
  15. floridas got the fire 850 checkin in
  16. wow if i got 9 gs of that for 20 dollers i would be one happy stoner :cool:

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