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Lake Water In The Bong?? plz help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buck762, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. I posted this question mabey a few weeks ago, but somehow the post dissapeared so I'll ask again.

    Me and some friends were chillin on my boat and we forgot to bring water for my bong. We decided to use the lake water. The lake is one of the cleanest lakes in my county. Is using lakewater in a bong unhealthy??
  2. Could be...but probably not. If its clean looking water I wouldn't be too worried.
  3. probably better then ur tap water which probably has chlorine in it if you live in a city also dude you swim in that water you have probably swallowed that water haha unless there dropping raw sewage into it and u had a lil piece of shit in your bong which i hope you would of seen you are fine
  4. Im worried about all the microbials, and parasites and microscopic shit in the water.
  5. you are over reacting and dont know what you are talking about
  6. A lot of that stuff, plus more harmful chemicals, are in your drinking water.
    If it is safe for swimming, no algae blooms going on and it's one of the cleanest, you should be fine.
  7. are u ocd
  8. relax... At least you didnt use sewege water
  9. What I'm thinking is:
    This lake water could be the safest to drink, but with bong water: you're breathing it in. Who knows what's in it? Chlorine? Chemicals? Toxins? I wouldn't, I'd play it safe and bring some bottled next time, but if people can use opaque month-old bong water and they survive, and you and your friends are living, I think once is fine.
  10. your not drinking any of the water your fine.
  11. You're definately fine, man. As long as the water isn't obviously nasty, you're okay. Stop the OCD with the water. You're fine.
  12. Over thinking it... Nothing wrong with natural lake water in your bong
  13. we as kids in the uk years ago used brigewater cannal water and the water is orange wid the coper ore from the mines i was bout 15 then now 33 didnt make a habit ov it thoe and still smokin and enjoying life:hello:

  14. Put an iodine tablet in the water, not something I would do unless I was in a really clean place. As long as none of you got sick, don't sweat it.
  15. You're worried about germs in your water, and yet your inhaling smoke.

    Get your shit together

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