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  1. Hello everyone I'm back this season and off to a real slow start so far. I germinated 5 feminized white berry seeds from paradise 1 week ago. I'm horrible at the beginning stages and I feel these plants are at a stand still. Organic potting soil and perlite ,under two 6500k cfl. I'm putting them out to get a little sun and hope I can keep them alive.


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    For a week there bit slow but they'll speed up soon, i like and dislike the seedling stages so many problems and it's the starting life.
  3. Hello Lager88. I'm not sure how much you know about growing seedlings/early vegging indoors...  but if you read my thread on my first grow it may help you start them out much more successfully and give them a better chance to survive in the wild. I used 6 23w CFL's to start off 2 plants which is about 75w of CFL or 300 watt equivalent. I used 2700k for my seedlings until they grew nice thick stalks so the wind wouldn't hurt them. Also, instead of using straight CFL light, I would put them out in the sun or on a window sill on sunny days, your plants will love the sun and react much better to the sunlight. Much Luck and I look forward to seeing more pictures of your grow.
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    Thanks Rastafarian ,wheres your journal at?
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    I find the best way to veg indoors is using high powered metal halide lights i can acclimate my plants for sun in2 or 3 days that way. I use a 600 and 400 watt mh plus t5s for side lighting.
  6. looking good so far,im about to start my seeds this week,i always wait till temps are at least 60 at nite and 80 for the day time high,i like to keep them in the 6 foot range cause of the ghetto birds,but if your temps ideal i would pot them up in 1 gallon containers cause of the rate of rapid growth in june...i start strait in the 1 gallons,the mj roots hate touching the sides of a container unless there in smart pots,look around at local horse farms and ask if they have any composted horse dook you can take off their hands...make sure its not fresh looking and you'll be strait
  7. hey bro thanks for taking a look, I will probably transplant to a bigger pot before its final spot in ground, I have unlimited access to cow and horse manure, Im just really behind this year I fucked my knee up so I haven't even dug my holes out in the fields yet, I hope to have them done next week
  8. hey lager, excited to see what you can get done this year! last year you had some real nice plants man. im subbed up, and will be hanging around for a minute :)
  9. once they get their first set of leaves, they normally go back into growing roots, which is why they may seem slower growing. No worrys, its a good thing! Leave em in them cups for about 2-3 weeks before u transplant and you should be fine!
    Sucks about your knee, hopefully it gets better and u get your mobility back! Even if it feels better, wear a brace to avoid long term damage!
    best of luck
  10. they're looking pretty good and they are exhibiting blue/purple hues on the cotyledons which looks awesome, I've never grew anything that did that before. No worries here I just don't really like the beginning stages because they're so delicate ,they will be monsters hopefully bigger than my plants last season, check link below
  11. Hey OG im getting excited too! I'm germing  1 la confidential and 1 sour kush to add for some backup ,I really need help with the digging I hope I can do it soon, I have spots picked out but messed my knee up, torn meniscus. I have 1 auto pineapple express to do too but I,m holding off on that. I'm hoping too up it from my little grow last year. Yours are looking good! I'm jealous of everyone who are so ahead of me
  13. the blueish purple could be from cold if you have them outside. besides that i dunno!
    man i cant wait for the heat wave to come to pa! we getn rain tomorrow then after that its suppose to go into the high 80's low 90's! After tuesday i cant wait to see my babies shoot up!
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    the sour kush & la confidential are about to crack and go into soil soon. Is organic potting mix that has peat, perlite, e.w.c. ,lime any good for seedlings?
    Yo i'm growing a Sour Kush also, their not peaky about needing high temps, my UK climate is doing wonders to her. I'll grab a shot of her on Friday Lager
  16. Sweet! its hotter than a honkey tonk mofo in the jerz
  17. sprouts are outs in the suns!
  18. wait till them white berry's get going they start reeking real quick,a stem rub will reveal a great aroma indeed.
  19. hey bro they're about to take off now, I forget but was it you who recommended I do the white berry for a fast finisher?
  20. yeah bro  lol :D ,the strains sensitive on the nute's so a good soil mix and a lite tea is all you'll need here and there,it has the most rapid growth of  almost any strain i have grown so  about to take off is an understatement :bolt:                                      

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