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  1. Hello everybody and welcome to my second grow- first grow journal.
    I am serious this time! The tent is all set up now, the lights are installed. I am starting these clones in a big 19 gallon bucket with smaller net pots till the roots grow longer and I am able to transfer them into their own individual buckets. The net pots on the buckets are unfortunately super huge and last time I tried to grow in them it took forever for the roots to come out of the bottom of them. (see picture) I am starting them using two florescent light fixtures that have two bulbs each in them. Hopefully these will work for a little bit as I am not really wanting to start up the 400w MH yet. The PH in the water right now is 5.8 and I am not using any nutes yet.
    Here is a list of what I am working with here

    4 clones “pre 98 bubba kush”
    A 4x4x6 tent purchased from ebay
    4 DWC bubble buckets
    Active air 4 outlet pump
    2x 400w HPS cool tubes and one 400w MH for veg
    House and garden a&b nutes
    1 monster 8 inch sunleaves windtunnel fan

    So currently the ventilation setup is like this-
    Cooltube-> duct-> cooltube--> duct going out of the tent and exhausting out the fan. I have two 6 inch intake holes and two 4 inch intake holes.. This fan really sucks some air so I am hoping this will be enough. When I close up the tent with the fan on it looks like it is sucking in because of this fan strength.
    I was going to do a screen or scrog but I think I will wait till next time to do it. I am going to go for a quick turnaround this time. I wish I could do a scrog but I am out of money and can not afford to make these buckets re-circulate or even afford to make a screen. I had a lot of problems with my last grow so I think I need to keep it so I can access the roots of the plants and move them around if needed. I will be doing LST and trimming and topping the plants though.

    Here are some of my questions.

    1. Is it ok to turn the fan off when the lights go off? The reason I ask is it is rather loud and this grow operation is in my music studio. I will have two small fans going at all time if that helps.
    2. This tent is rather shoddy and has some vents on the bottom where the lights come in, how much light is acceptable ? I was under the impression that you shouldn't have any light leaks, but what about moonlight in normal outdoor situations?

    Anyway, here are a couple pictures of the tent, and temporary bucket setup. Any comments or suggestions are totally appreciated

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  2. do you think these fluorescents will be enough for now or do you guys think i should start with the 400w MH. I was thinking of just running these for 24 hours for now till i get some more roots and then going 18- 6 with the MH. I am just not wanting to turn on the fan and ac yet
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    Nice set up.
    I would recommend you to keep your fan on at all the time. Air circulation is very important to prevent mold growth...
    Also try to put 3 gallons of water per bucket and water that rock wool cube every other day and your plant should be able to reach the water....... Again problem could be in your pump(not powerful enough) or air-stones(bubbles are very big) . When I am using my 3 psi air pomp with micro pore diffusers the entire bucket above the water is wet (including basket)from the air bubbles bursting on the surface...
    I had my plants under 24 hours 150W floro for 4-5 days then switched to 600W MH(12" above the canopy) and my ladies are doing fine.
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    thanks for the info RO76- I have set up a small fan blowing on them right now + i have the doors to the tent open. I will see how they do for the next couple days. The pump is going and the water looks pretty bubbly for now. Guess all i can do is wait!

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  5. day 3-
    looking good- think they are getting taller- hehe.. i see roots on three of four of them!
  6. Pictures?
  7. just posted a pic in the previous entry- i suck at forums
  8. oh, and check out these 50s era fluorescent fixtures i am using. They look like some industrial age art deco alien lights. the bulbs are super expensive planted aquarium lighting... seems to be working so far...

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  9. Looks good.
    I would recommend you to cover those holes with some electrical tape and also make some covers for the baskets to reduce the light penetration to container to prevent algae growth.
    P.S. What is your air temperature ,humidity , PPMs and PH?
  10. Yes there is light going into the rez. trying to figure out some creative covers with what i have in this house.

    Air temp- 82
    RH- 36
    ph 5.8
    PPm 180- (no nutes yet)
  11. day 6-
    plants look like they have grown a teeny tiny bit and i think i can see a bit more roots on all of them. Decided to fire up the MH and the fan on 24 hours and see what happens. checked ph yesterday- 6.3- used some PH down and got it to 5.8. Checked it today and it read 5.2! Used a tiny bit of ph up and added a gallon to the res- got it back to 5.8. I have a problem now- my fan is causing my computer monitor to distort and have theses little lines running up the screen. I have tried to plug it in on a different circuit and through a power conditioner but it still is doing it. It is annoying-- any suggestions?
  12. actually- the lines were caused by my light- so i tried plugging that into a different circuit. now it wont go back on!!! argh- cheap ballast
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    ok- false alarm- light went back on and lines are gone from screen- hopefully they stay gone. Funny but 2 HPS on the same circuit as my monitor did nothing- must be the something about the frequency of this MH

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  14. Looking good. If I'll be you I would not cut those burned ends. I am not an expert but I think it might stress the plants.
    P.S. Any reason to keep those lights so high?
  15. no reason for keeping it this high- for some reason i thought it might be too much light if it was lower. I will lower it
  16. Do not worry about "too much light", if it is not too much heat, then lower it as low as you can. Just put your hand in between the lights and plants and if you do not feel heat then you can lower it to the point when you start feeling heat. Or simply put your hand under the light notice the distance between your hand and light and then lower it to that point or slightly higher.
  17. sweet- thanks for the tip elvis!
  18. Ok- lowered the lights a bit and added a little nutes (since i see roots!)
    PPM- 280
    temp- 77
    RH 39%
  19. Day- 9
    Since I turned on the MH these suckers are really taking off. Unfortunately they don't really look that good. The leaves are kind of curled up on a couple of them. I really don't have much nutes in there- could that be the problem? I am also thinking they might be getting too much light time- should I go to 18-6?

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  20. What is your PH level?
    Leafs curling up, could be heat, do you have fan blowing on them ?

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