Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. anybody going to see it tommow? i might ..roll up a big dub spliff grab some munchies and watch it with soem friends.

    i guess its supposed to be real funny
  2. Yo that movie looks fuckin' awesome! I'm not sure when I'm gunna see it but i definetely will
  3. yeah, tom hanks can be hilarious when he wants to be.
    It looks to be a good movie and from what ive read it definetly supports that. I plan on seeing it.
  4. Yeah...I went to see it tonight. Got fried out before it and went to get the tickets and there was this evil, evil sign that said there was a buzzing noise throughout the entire film so people would probably prefer to wait until they could kill the glitch because the ticket money would NOT be refunded. Nothing else looked good and the only things I wanted to see, others didn't or had already seen so we got stuck with Scooby, I paid $7.50 to stretch out across a few seats and take a long nap while occasionally being awakened by some little kids running their mouths in front of me. LOL! My luck.


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