Ladyburn 1974, Pineapple Express Diesel Automatic 1St Grow (Pics)

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    So me and my friend are 4 weeks and 1 day into flowering for our first grow. I didn't have a camera until yesterday so haven't really posted much about it, but now that's changed so i'll be posting a lot more now and hopefully I can get you guys/girls help or opinions. First i'll give you a little summery of how we got to this point.
    Basically, we've had the odds against us since the start. That led to us keeping the Ladyburns in veg for I think 8 weeks so it had time to recover from each stress (and there were quite a few). The Pineapple and Diesel were introduced 4 weeks in so are 8 weeks and 1 day from seed, The Ladyburns are 12 weeks 4 days from seed. I'll just give you a quick idea of the things we've had go against us, lights blowing up the first time they were switched on (2 or 3 weeks I think it was without our HPS), nute problems, watering problems, humidity problems, pH problems, broken branches, getting kicked out of the grow house and having to transport everything in 30mins broad daylight plants in boxes. The list goes on but since about 2 weeks before switching the lights to flowering everything has become a bit more stable and I think we're doing good considering everything that's happened. The only thing that needs sorting out is the humidity at night but that will be fixed in about a week.
    We've also got a bit of a problem with overgrow but because the autos are almost done and there's some smaller Ladyburns it shouldn't be too bad soon.
    We've got 9 plants in total. 5 Ladyburn 1974's, 3 Pineapple Express' (Barney's Farm because the shop didn't have G13) and 1 Diesel Automatic. 3 of the Ladyburn's and 1 of the Pineapple's seem to have been stunted and just generally showing their battle scars. All of them are soldiering on though and the others have really surprised me and are doing their thing.
    I'm gonna start individual threads for each strain but just thought I'd let you guys see some of my fav pics.
    p.s I really hope this works because I really can't be asked to type this all again
    p.s.s Yay it worked but can someone tell me how to resize the pics please


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  2. Just thought I'd add a bit about the environment. The grow's not at my house so this is just the stuff I can remember. I'll get a full list next time I go there.
    Tent roughly 1m x 0.5m
    15cmx15cmx23cm square pots for all but the 2 biggest Ladyburns
    BioBizz All Mix Soil
    BioBizz Nutes (Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom, Top-Max, Alg-A-Mic)
    Something called Ace Of Buds
    Can't remember the temps or humidity but they're usually good during the day but go crazy at night, they should be sorted soon though
    We haven't really been checking the pH because our tester isn't calibrated properly
    600W HPS light
    There's also 100W CFL we added which we move from side to side every few hours
    That's all I can remember at the moment. Any help would be great just don't go on about the temps, humidity and pH because these are all things that are getting sorted soon. But anything else would be awsome.
    Our next grow is going to be a lot more "professional" but I'll create another thread about that with a list of the things we're going to get and hopefully get some pointers on that.

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