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ladybugs killing spidermites what do you think?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Bcherbs, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. i ordered 500 ladybugs to kill the mites i have how well do u think it will work?
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    According to my organic gardening catalogue, ladybugs are introduced specifically to control aphids.
    For red spider mites you need the predatory mite Phytoselius, available from organic gardening outlets.
    You apparently have the wrong bug, but I am not an expert.
  3. ok i read about ladybugs and they also kill mites and other insects just wondering if anyone has tried this .and i dont think i have red mites they dont look red they are yellow and black i think hard to see em
  4. Then that should work..especially if all they have to eat are the spidermites.

    But.....what are you going to use to kill ladybugs? :eek:

  5. FIRE!

    Shouldn't they die after they've eaten all the pests and starve?
  6. i have a cabint grow about to start, how do mites get to the garden? its inside my room.. should i worry about them getting in?
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  7. Mites are almost inevitable in an indoor grow, especially in the spring & summer time, & if you have pets.

    The best thing you can do is control them. When you first transplant, make sure to make up some water & Neem oil in a bucket & a few teaspoons of Dawn dish washing liquid to help coat the plant.

    Dip all your clones in the solution before you transplant. If you let your temps soar into the high 80's the mites will proliferate like crazy. They love warm, dry conditions.

    Keep your room as cool as possible & a bit humid. Get a spray bottle with a nozzle that can rotate 360 degrees. Make sure to spray the undersides of the leaves every 1-2 weeks. Mites mostly live on the undersides of the leaves.

    You can also use pyrethum bombs. The are harmless to the plants & do a very good job of keeping mites at bay.
  8. Holy shit Bc, your ladybug pics will be a good advertisement for cannabis plant healthcare lol.
    Once the ladybugs have gobbled up all aphids (greenfly, if any) and spidermites, you can capture them and buy ladybug food which comes in a powder. You could breed more for your next harvest if needs be.
  9. I dont see why that wouldnt work... people use ladybugs to control aphids all the time and they do also eat mites. Its pretty much an organic pest control.
  10. Ladybugs thrive on aphids as already said. They will eat the spider mites, in fact they LOVE spider mites :p

    Don't let them starve afterwards :(

    As Jorge Cervantes says, just use a vacuum and capture them all and empty the bag outside. Problem solved.
  11. funny thing is i started my plant when bugs were getting inside for winter and about 6 ladybugs took over my grow box and had kids the whole grow .dident hurt anything i think my plant enjoyed the company hah
  12. this site here has great info on sprays you make that are safe to treat your plants with. If it list that you can use it on tomatoes than you can use it on your plants also
  13. yeah they should be here in 2 days ordered them today i will take some pics when i have them all over the plants no fookin around with my grow those mites have to go one way or the other
  14. Cool!

    Can't wait to see the pics!

    Just make sure the lights are OFF outside your growing room when you step out of it or you will have them all over the house...lol

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    lol yeah if i need more they are a phone call away i just want them dead i hope 500 is enuff for 40 plants only have 2-3 plants that u can rilly tell they have spidermites what do u guys think 500 is enuff??
  16. I think 15 would be enough. Those little guys eat like crazy.
  17. also havin mite probs, tried bombs. but came back. think my temp it too hot and they are reproducing like hell. I bought some stuff at the garden store that connected to a hose that suppose to kill them. I just poured some in a spray bottle. I tried spraying the suckers down. We will see how it goes.
  18. i have tried all kinda of sprays and nothing killed them all that is y i think the lady bugs will keep eating until they are all gone
  19. what about praying manti?
  20. dont think they are as cheap as ladybugs i got mine for 3 cents each

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