Lady Tokers?

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  1. I've met a good deal of stoners in my life, but very little tokers of the female variety. The ones who did though were kick ass: (my Mom, different girls I've known, et cetera). To get to the point, I've just never seen a lot of stoners talk about why there seems to be a shortage of lady tokers,or rather why they seem to keep it very quiet and hushed. So this is like a breakdown of Female stoners in general (it would be great if you ladies helped too by posting on here your reasons) and why they do what they do, If this seems like a weird question, I am a curious guy and I want to understand women from a stoners perspective. Also, Peace out everyone, and remember To Toke? or To save until you find your bong's downstem?, that is the question. :bongin:
  2. i know a girl who can roll blunts for days lol
  3. I can't speak for other ladies but I'm not secret about being a stoner. My family and friends know, I'm proud to be a pothead ;)
  4. Most girls I know around here smoke... but I meet people at locations where pretty much everyone is a pothead and 10% of the people are on meth.

    Ah, the Inland Empire... such a magical place.
  5. I only know one girl who smokes weed semi-regularly, and like two others Jo tried it once.
    Shame, some lady-Bongers would be cool to know
  6. Most likely due to the fact that it's implanted in parents minds to teach there daughters to be neat and nice and to the stuck up people weed is pretty much meth.(I'm not saying it's meth but I remember people saying it makes you crazy and shit). Ha they probably showed there daughters "reefer madness". That's a funny movie to watch while stoned.
  7. All my friends know Im a stoner. Im the only chick I know that smokes everyday...
    Kinda sucks I wish their was more chicks like me.
    Theirs plenty of guys out their who are like me...But most females look down on it(the ones I know)
    Idgaf though. Smoking weed eryday :)
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    Props to you :)
  9. One of my friends is quite the lady toker, i don't think i've ever seen her NOT blazed
  10. [​IMG]

    There are no girls on the internet..
  11. I kinda keep it on the down low that I smoke.... But my close relatives and friends all know. I know more guys that smoke but I also know a few awesome ladies that also do.
  12. I keep it down when it comes to family, they will never accept it. No matter what.

    Friends, of course they know lol.
  13. Female tokers are sexy :)
  14. They do exist:eek:


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