Lady gets owned

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  1. [ame=]Patrice Oneal schools brawd on funny - YouTube[/ame]

    My friend emailed me this

    Haha stupid bitch :D
  2. Hahahahahahaha she didn't get one good point out. While patrice said it all. Called freedom of speech. Say whatever the Fuck you want.
  3. lol I agree, your friend is a stupid bitch
  4. lol, i haaatteee people like that bitch, like you really have nothing better to do than protect 'all women' from 'derogatory' jokes, that are in fact hilarious? seriously?
  5. Lol, funny how women are the ones that take most offense to shit. You can make gay jokes, jew jokes, black jokes, blind jokes, AID jokes, whatever, but God forbid you tell a woman joke...

    They just need to grow up (granted, not all women :p).
  6. Censorship is the worst kind of insult.
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    I'm diabetic I might lose a toe! Lol

    I find it ironic that at 4:50 the host laughs, and then the studio people laugh. You can't suppress funny.
  8. I listened for a little bit and turned it off, listening to ignorant people trying to debate things is just annoying now. And I mean the woman, not Patrice

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