Lady Gaga - Telephone Video

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  1. I’m putting my neck on the line a bit here, I can imagine this isn’t the place for Gaga talk. Don’t get me wrong here I’m not a gaga fan, or am I, she is definitely a bit of a paradox, but I can’t be a fan cos I am a flashback 60’s 70’s rock head, the last gig I went to was Daltrey does tommy, then Waters does the wall and The Answer, DC, Metallica…. I’m rambling… scarred even, should I post this :) no don’t do, just delete… no no no… :p

    Back on track, Gaga, like I say, not a fan but I think this video is one of the most awesome videos this decade, kind of reminds of what Michael Jackson used to do in the 80’s crossed with a bit of tarrantino or somthing

    [ame=]Telephone (Official Explicit Version) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. im not gonna lie, i really like this video too. i dont like gagas music per-say, but theres just something about her.
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    Best part of the video is Beyonce

    edit: 7:33, illumanti?
  4. Pokerface bro :smoking:

    Greatest song
  5. I told ya she didn't have a dick.
  6. People like this? :confused:

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