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  1. My p-p-p-poker face my p-poker face!

    Who's heard it? Who likes it? Who hates it?
  2. its just noise in my ears.
  3. I could go either way on the tune. But I'm gaga for Lady GaGa!
  4. She's hot, some of her stuff is good, but I play hold 'em, and in this song she has black jack references so Im not a fan of this one...but my girl is... and no not my girl MJ lol
  5. I'd like to know why both of her singles- "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" have almost the exact same beat.

    It's just a shitty song that they play on shitty radio stations
  6. i had never heard of this artist until i was flipping through an entertainment weekly at the doctors office. she seemed kinda hot, but there was only one picture. as far as the music, well, i dunno...
  7. It's pop music, it's not made to be good. Just catchy.
  8. exactly. little to no talent involved. you just gotta look hot
  9. shes not hot ... but that song is hot ... catchy music is hard to write .. so i think shes talented
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    "Just Dance" is catchy as fuck!

    [ame=""]Dailymotion - Lady GaGa - Just Dance, une vidéo de LadyGaga. lady, gaga, just, dance, 2008@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    She ain't bad looking btw. Very nice!
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    That original version sux. The beat is so boring it hurts my ears. The remix with the sweet little old school break beat is exponentially better

    Edit: This one

    [ame=""]YouTube - Lady GaGa Ft. Akon Kardinal Offishall - Just Dance Official Remix[/ame]
  12. she probably didn't have anything to do with writing or producing the song. But what do I know. I'm just generalizing about pop artists these days in general.
  13. Yeah, I love her voice. BTW - check out this exclusive live performance featuring Poker Face (acoustic version), Just Dance and many others...enjoy!

  14. wait hold up a minute,, you guys know that shes a hermie right? everybody sayin shes hot...
  15. I nearly have my masters in music theory..writing catchy music is easy as shit...all you need a repeative hook at a decent tempo so all the stupid masses can get it stuck in their head.

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