Lady Bugs lol

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  1. I just bought 1500 lady bugs for 10 bucks, got them in a cool cup. Was told to put them in during the dark cycle, which is good because my plants are in the dark cycle, so yeah got home opened up my grow room and just opened the lid and dropped the cup inside and shut the door lol. Was laughin found it to be quite hilarious. :hello:

    Now I'm just thinkin about how there is 1500 lady bugs in my grow room, and how wild this is going to be. I have already seen 3 flying around my house, no idea how they escaped.. long do they usually live for? what does everyone do to get rid of them when they die? just sweep em up? and is there gonna be lady bug shit all over the place lol? I'm sure it's microscopic so you can't even see it, but still.. fuckin shittin all over my buds lol.. not somethin I thought of.
  2. no worries ladybugs only live for about a year, and will only stick around if food is plentiful, once they take care of your pest problem they will find their way outside. I don't know how but they will.
  3. lmao cool. Yeah when I turned on the lights it was a complete orgy in there. Bitches everywhere. Most were bein lazy and chillin on the ground. I picked them bitches up and threw em on the plants and told em to get back to work.
  4. ...lady bugs rock! :metal:
    ...I like to spray them with highly diluted mountain due water before I release them, their wings stick together so they can't fly....they'll stay on your plants until they die....then ya vaccum them up. ;)
  5. In the southern US, during the winter months, the damn things will invade houses. They are super annoying when they fly around at night because you can hear them hitting walls/fans.
    But, as far as clean up goes, we just use the hose attachment on the vacuum to vacuum up the dead ones. We usually just let go whatever living ones we catch. Most will escape on their own, though.
  6. Like 1/4 died in the first night.. I only seen a couple small bugs flyin around before I got the lady bugs, maybe they ate them quick and then there was nothing left. But I was playin it safe, as the saying goes, if you see one, there is probably a 100 or more..

    Put a bunch in the fridge too. But yeah it's cool a bunch are chillin on the plants. I just turned my co2 on yesterday and wow lmao. co2 just amazes me. I can't believe when people say "it's really not that big of a factor.." wtf?? you must really suck at growing then, I have a CGE perfect environment always set at perfect temps, and with and without co2 is a HUGE difference. With co2 plants grow up to 6 inches a fuckin day. crazy. Without co2 it takes forever.
  7. Thats funny I just ordered 1500 from Ebay. I was thinking of just letting a few may 50. I have a few whiteflys...which in turn means more actually! anyway Im hoping they get rid of the whiteflys...
  8. some are sterilized so they cant reproduce, those are the ones you want to get because that way you are sure there wont be any more of them - I think they use radiation to sterilize them, they also die in about 1 month at most and I have gotten them from my local grow store when they got them from the supplier so they were as fresh as could be

    but I had some a few years ago and many people I know who come over dont know I grow in my basement and there would be some flying around the house in January or February and I would just say yea they keep showing up from time to time I dont know where they are hiding at, lol

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