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  1. Trying to talk to female tokers. Almost every girl i know doesn't smoke. It's crazy
  2. I'd talk to u bro....but I'm male...i guess I'm ineligible
  3. I will talk to you:) Hello!
  4. Haha nah you good man. Im on here now, high as fuck. i re upped today and rolled a 3 gram blunt. And

  5. Haha thanks. So you guys grow?
  6. wish i had the space/privacy for it...:(
  7. Yeah. i only do one a year. I get enough smoke to not worry about growing but i wish i had a good setup or i would do it more.
  8. Yeahh I don't know many girls who smoke.. And I know NO girl who smokes like me.. Ehh..
  9. I used to smoke people out all the time. When i was smoking all my profit, I grinded up a whole oz and rolled up 4 blunts with 1.5 g's in each, then we did bong rips with the rest. But nobody wanted to finish it with me. There was still close to 16 grams left and it was me and two chicks and three other guys.

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