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    Would you allow your partner to eat out your ass?

    Yes? No?

    If not, why not? If so, do you enjoy it ?

    What if your partner just 'slips' their toung down there? How would you react? Would you allow it?
  2. was thinking the same thing...
  3. As long as its clean... Right? I've done it once... She loved it but wanted to get a general opinion from others.
  4. Yeah, if I'm straight out of the shower. If my partners into it... Def not a daily thing though..
  5. i might lick an ass, but never "eat out" an ass. and it better be one clean ass let me tell you.
  6. Hell no. You try and eat out my ass I would hurt you.

    Don't even finger it.
  7. you can clean an asshole all day long, but its still where shit flows, 8-[

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