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Ladies, why do you do this?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Reflection Eternal, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. When you're with a guy that you're currently interested in, why the hell do you bring up random guys that you've been attracted to in the past? What makes you think we give a damn about some guy's piercing that you thought was sexy or how nice so-and-so's body was?

    I don't run at the mouth about every hot girl I've wanted to get a piece of back in the day, because they're completely out of the frame when I'm with someone I'm currently interested in, as they should be in my opinion. My girlfriend of six months does this to this day, and even though it's a once in a blue moon occurrence, it's just annoying. Last night it happened after I got her stoned and I thought maybe her mind was just wandering as a result. But it isn't the first time and she hasn't been stoned every other time it's happened. What gives?

    P.S. I know she drools at the sight of my body, and the guy she was talking about this time is halfway around the world and she's never met him. It's not insecurity, it's just bewilderment on my part. My question remains: why?
  2. this annoys me so much. My current gf talks about her ex ALL the time. its mostly saying how bad of a boyfriend he is and how much better i am, but it still annoys me knowing she compares me to him all the time
  3. I think she's just trying to make you jealous, I think girls do this just to get a reaction to see if you care about them or not.
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    Men, don't make vast generalizations of a gender just because your girlfriend does it :D

    I don't recall a time I've ever done that.

    I find that bringing up exes or different men only results in things being awkward, primarily if I'm undermining the guy I'm with by using comparisions... Not too cool.

    Also, don't always think that when a girl admires a trait another guy has she's out to get him and leave you... Maybe she's seeking an opportunity to bring to light something she dislikes about you, just not as directly?

    Nonetheless, I see only some of my friends do this with thier boyfriends and I tell them to stop... No point in making someone feel like they're not good enough. That shit only leads to negativity or a fight.

    Edit: You justified yourself with your last sentences. You have nothing to worry about, don't overthink it! Just tell her if it really bothers you next time around...
  5. I'm with OneLove on this one. I never have nor will ever do that, because I sure as hell wouldn't want my bf to talk about his ex's all the time. And it's just plain awkward for the both of you. My advice would be to just tell her next time she brings it up in a nice way, like put yourself in my shoes kinda thing because I gurantee she wouldn't want you talking about something you thought was sexy about your ex gf.
  6. too fucking true bro, i don't want to hear that shit. if im not talking about past relationship/fucks, why the hell do you have to bring it up?
  7. Guys are guilty of this to. I believe it's safe to assume that if a guy is telling me about his ex, he isn't over her yet. That, or he's genuinely clueless of his bad etiquette and thinks his stories are interesting.... or, well, there are a million reasons. Maybe it's a guy's way of working up to asking a girl about her exes cuz he's curious about her dating past.

    It is very unclassy to mention old flames when you're in the beginning of dating and courtship with someone, unless you wanna scare them off and get some un-cool points in their book. Remember that!!
  8. Well first off, Im too tired to read the whole post, no offence.
    But from the looks of the first couple of lines, it seems like these "girls" seem to want to hint you about what they find sexy in a man.
    Dont take it too harsh though, i know how it feels but, try to take it with a glass of water.
  9. I don't do this...:confused:

    that's retarded.
  10. when ive spoken to guys about others that i was attracted to or what have you its been because i was still interested in the latter. it also was to put the former in the friend zone. eek! im sure thats not the case with you but it seems relevant to the thread i guess, for future reference that is. :]
  11. Although I can't personally identify with the first paragraph as I've never done that, I totally agree with the second one. It's such dull conversation and if the person in question is really only openly drawing a comparison between you and someone else it's just a turnoff.
  12. not saying ALL girls do it, but it's definetly happened before, and i fucking hate it when it does.
  13. thats just what girls do man.. compare their man to every other guy... its just how we've learned to do things.. but i will agree with the fact that its incredibly rude to talk about other opposite sex individuals when you're with your significant other.. that kind of talk needs to stay between friends
  14. Slap her on the ass next time. If that still doesn't send the message across, you'll have to resort to the face.

  15. What? WHAT? No. Just no.

    I have NEVER heard of this before. Dude's have nothing to gain by talking about former loves.

    And yes, girl's do this all the time....At first.

    Later on they really don't. And if they do, i actually say right to their face "I don't really care, focus on me a little bit here"...

    Ugh. I hate chicks that do that.
  16. Maybe there really is no hidden motive, maybe she doesn't even realize what she's doing.

    Or . . . maybe she's just fucking with you and testing your reaction?

  17. It pisses me off too, like even if the girl is wrapped arround my finger, it still makes me pissy if they tell you how much they loved this one guy or how hot this other guy was, or how cute his but was. Yet if im like yeah your friend over therre is fine as fuck, id get bitched at.


  18. I'd risk getting bitched at so i don't have to hear that bullshit.
  19. I hate that shit. I am like WTF why you talkin bout another dude.
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    Some girls do that because their boyfriends do.
    Not every guy can say he's never commented on how another girl looks or made a statement about an ex.
    When you guys make comments on other women, it sometimes makes us feel insecure about our appearance and sometimes, we retaliate by talking about a guy or one of our exes. But mostly, when a girl talks about an ex, she's pointing out something you don't do that they did--that they would appreciate you doing once in a while, or something they hated about them and warning you not to do it.
    Hardly any girl goes after some other guy when she's with another unless she's not that into them and wanting a back up.
    And guys, you can't say you're not guilty of the same thing once you lose mild interest in a girl.

    Oh, and with young relationship, sometimes the person's family members are guilty of doing that. Talking about their child's exes and how much they liked or disliked them. Sometimes, it makes you feel like shit when they're talking about how much they liked so-and-so.

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