Ladies .... When is a dick considered big

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  1. Honestly, I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did.
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    is this foreal?! I feel like such a beast right now! Lmao!

    Damn... U too!? This really IS a curse in disguise!

  3. omg do you has big penis?!

  4. You should! 8 inches is something to be proud of. Shit, if I was a dude and my dick was 8 inches I would walk around in basketball shorts (free ballin of course) all day erry day. Lettin everyone know whats up. :p

  5. I guess?! I thought it was average, but after reading these post, looking at some Jenna and some careful calculations with a ruler, I just may!

    Pictures were taken during this study but I like to smoke weed, grow weed and then talk about it on GC. SO they'll remain in the closet for some phone sex down the road lol.

  6. WHITE basketball shorts!!!

  7. PM me some pics and I will confirm or deny.
  8. [quote name='"SassyMelassy"']Oh No. James got banned.[/quote]

    Finally thank god all mighty!

  9. Fucking kickass! Doing it! Gotta wait till summer though, they (being the WHORES I seem to just come across, CONSTANTLY DAMNIT!) call IT the Houdini!!!!

  10. so you thought 7.5 was average? lulz why didn't you just measure your johnson with that ruler?

    if that's average, I'm happy being average then :laughing:

  11. But Mrs. Melassy... How I know u don't show all if you're so "Sassy"?

  12. The name is SassyMelassy not ShadyBitch.

  13. No... I was thinking 9ish was average. Honest to God!
  14. god, 8 inches could be pretty intimidating depending on girth
  15. But I think she should show me for a second opinion. lol

  16. Lol... That was fucking AWESOME! ok hold on... Sheesh!
  17. Hell yeaa! Gotta let people know whats really good


  19. See what you've started Sassy?? I really don't have one with a ruler though! But I do have quite a few "official" joints!

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